9 Fantastic Flows for Fishin’

we asked local experts, and this is where they recommend

Brauns Bay, Carson Park, Eau Claire
Brauns Bay, Carson Park, Eau Claire

Lake Wissota Chippewa Falls • With lots of public landings, this lake and state park is a hotspot for walleyes. Go there with jigs and live bait, and you’ll come out happy. There’s also northern, small-mouth, catfish, and muskies.

The Confluence Phoenix Park, downtown Eau Claire • If the timing is right in spring, the spot where the Eau Claire and Chippewa rivers meet is huge for walleyes. Outside of that, this spot can be decent for the occasional small-mouth bass or muskie.

Eau Claire River from downtown up to the Altoona Dam, and even Big Falls • If you’re out for the fun of catching them, this river is remote, scenic, great for wading and paddling, and has very decent populations of small-mouth and muskies.  

Half Moon Lake near Carson Park, Eau Claire • Despite its proximity to high-density development, Half Moon feels like a remote getaway – and you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better spot for panfish and bass.

Lake Menomin downtown Menomonie • You wouldn’t think it to look at it (what with all that yucky algae), but the upper end of this lake has a very respectable amount of panfish (large-mouth and northern, too). Of course, if you’re looking for more natural beauty and less stink, Half Moon’s probably a better bet.

Duncan Creek Chippewa County, near Bloomer • One of the best brook trout streams around, and with about 8 miles worth to traverse.

Gilbert Creek just west of Menomonie • Another great brook trout stream, with the best section being the one below the Highway Q bridge.

Cady Creek near Elmwood, Pierce County • This Class I brook trout stream is especially good around the Highway P bridge.

Elk Creek near Albertville, Chippewa County • Depending on where you go, this Chippewa and Dunn stream can be good for brookies or browns, but we’ve heard the most luck with browns near Albertville and Highway 29.