Stout’s fancy sit-ski device

Chris Macheichok

Stout Adventures, the UW-Stout on-campus outdoor recreation program, is now offering a unique piece of equipment to allow outdoor enthusiasts an opportunity to cross-country ski in a new way. The university has two sets of the adaptive sit-ski system, which is a chair attached to a set of cross-country skis that couples with special poles to propel the user in the snow. And the best part is, it can be rented free of charge. This equipment has seen a dramatic increase in popularity over the last few years and allows people who are unable to use their legs to ski in a sitting position. However, the contraption isn’t limited to differently abled persons alone. Anyone with a passion for winter sports and the necessary upper body strength to stroke along in the snow should take advantage of the unique opportunity. Skiers aren’t recommended to take the contraption downhill, but judging from the community of sit-skiers online, the skis chair opens up a whole new dimension to extreme winter sporting.