Wisconsin Winter-Friendly (And Not so Friendly) Puppers

breeds that beat the winter weather

Lauren Fisher

Wisconsin is known for below-freezing temperatures, snowstorms, and icy conditions throughout winter. Some dogs are all over it, while others need a little more help staying warm ...

An Opportunity for Every Animal

Eau Claire County Humane Association welcomes new executive director

Abby Norton

The Eau Claire County Humane Association (ECCHA) shook paws with its new executive director, Shelley Janke, in June. Janke served for seven years as the executive director of Memorial Medical Hospital in Neillsville. Notably, this position was fur-free; however, that’s not to say ...

Festival Foods Has a Safe Kennels for Dogs

Lauren Fisher

There are few topics of discussion “hotter” than of dogs being left in cars – and few that are so likely to result in property damage. With that, and the safety of our furry friends, in mind, two Festival Foods locations ...

Dogged Determination

Eau Claire draws national competitors with Dock Dog competitions

Rayna DeJongh, photos by Nicole Wellens

Every year, Scheels in Eau Claire becomes host to “Dog Town.” This tiny town features numerous canine amenities, from battery-powered fans, aluminum shade netting and EZ-up tents to crate pads and co ...

A Hippity Hoppy Time

canine training facility hosts monthly bunny socials

Hillary Bell

A fantastic newly hopped up event has started taking place in Eau Claire at the EmBark Canine Training Center. But before wagging your tails and anticipating that car ride, dog lovers, let me tell you ...

World going to the dogs? Go to the dog park.

companionship and conversation are alive and well at the EC dog park

Ron Davis, photos by Ron Davis

I am delighted to announce that polite, stimulating conversation is not dead. It is alive and well at the Eau Claire Dog Park ...

5 Things You Should Know About Reptile Keepers

dispelling myths about cold-blooded critters and the people who love them

Hillary Bell, photos by Hillary Bell

When I tell someone, “I own snakes and lizards,” I get very confused looks, as if the person doesn’t understand what I’m saying ...

Picking Your New Pet

dog trainer offers advice on selecting pet, breeder

Karen Rude

Selecting a pet for your family is a major life decision. And as with any major life decision, it warrants some planning, family discussion, and thoughtfulness. Here’s a quick guide to get you on your way ...

How Tiny Chips Save Lives

microchipping is quick, easy, and invaluable if fido runs away

Sarah Hewitt, photos by Andrea Paulseth

At the Eau Claire County Humane Association, we microchip and register every single cat and dog that gets adopted. We also scan every single stray cat and dog that comes in with a microchip scanner ...

Lending a Hand to Help a Paw

Hillary Bell, Cassandra Kyser

Many organizations throughout the community donate food and money to feed people in need of a helping hand. What many donors don’t realize is that these people frequently have pets ...

Harley Rose: The Dog on a Hog

motorcycle loving pooch rides to Sturgis, stars in YouTube vids

Katie Reidt

Dogs. There’s a reason why we call them man’s best friend. Dogs provide unconditional love and companionship. Sometimes they even enter your life and change you for the better ...

Menomonie Will Allow Pooches in Parks

V1 Staff

Bringing your canine critter to Menomonie’s city parks is now OK – as long as that doggo is on a leash. The Menomonie City Council recently voted ...

Acupuncture for Your Pet?

it could help relieve pain and boost their immune system

Hailey Novak

If the idea of inserting tiny needles into specific places in your pet’s body to provide health benefits sounds a little out of the ordinary to you, you’re not exactly alone. That said, there are some Doctors of Veterinary Medicine (DVMs) right here in the Chippewa Valley ...

New Digs for Cats

Eau Claire Humane Association upgrades its feline facilities

Sammy Gibbons

The Eau Claire County Humane Association recently remodeled the hangout area for the 15 cats that it currently fosters. A local foundation funded the extreme makeover, which was completed in March, with an $8,000 grant. The space, known as the cat colony room ...

Pets From the Past

new exhibit looks at victorian-era pets of Menomonie

Kate Edenborg

Kittens lighting a cannon. Rabbits on leashes. Popular Internet memes? New social media sensations? Nope. These are images featured in the “Turn of the Century Pets” exhibit at the historic Wilson Place Mansion in Menomonie ...

So Hoppy Together

rabbits are America's third most-popular pet. longtime bunny lover Jennifer Hoffman tells us why.

Jennifer Hoffman has been in love with rabbits ever since she got one as a pet while stationed in Hawaii with the Army 17 years ago. Seeking a small household companion that wasn’t a cat (she’s allergic), she found a bunny in a pet store. “It was love at first sight,” she explains. Her first rabbit ...

Veterinary Visitors

voyaging vet service comes right to pet owners' doors

Tom Giffey

When pet owners need to get shots or other medical treatments for Fido or Fluffy, their options are usually limited to squeezing angry, anxious furballs into carriers and listening to them howl and yowl all the way to the veterinary office and back. The experience can be unpleasant for animals and humans alike. But what if – like the fabled ...

Doggone Better

the canine components of Mayo’s Paws Force help stressed patients, family members, and caregivers

Barbara Arnold

Bella and Teddy, two little white fido furballs of fun, and their owners have experienced firsthand the benefits of pet therapy – for patient, pet, and volunteer – at Mayo Clinic Health System in Eau Claire. More pets and volunteers are needed now that Mayo’s Paws Force program is expanding to Mayo’s Barron, Bloomer, Menomonie ...

New Dog Park Coming Soon?

Tom Giffey, photos by Brianna Meicher

Dogs need exercise too – even in the dog days of summer – and that’s where dog parks come in. Eau Claire’s off-lease recreation area, also known as the Otter Creek Dog Park, provides pooches with nine acres in which to chase their own ...

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