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A Breakdown of Your Wisconsin Income Taxes at Work

When Wisconsin’s Legislature crafts the state budget every two years, it relies in part on state income tax payments from about 2.5 million households. In 2016, Wisconsinites paid $7.7 billion in state ...

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Feeling the Financial Squeeze

It’s no surprise that most of us stress over money. so what can we do about it?

News flash: Money causes stress! As far as headlines go, that’s about as surprising as “Sky appears blue” and “Wisconsin produces cheese.” However, because confronting a problem is the first step to overcoming it, it’s important to examine just how and why finances cause such stress for us ...

Who You Gonna Call?

sorting out the kind of financial professional you need

Need some financial advice, but not sure where to turn? You’re not alone. There are lots of financial advisers with lots of similar-sounding titles out there. We talked to a pair of pros who carry different designations about what they do and how the people in their profession can help you ...

5 Great Money Tips for Young People

RCU Spokester Shelby Wodarck wants you to get money smart so you can have more cash fun

We all have heard it time and time again: Budgeting this, budgeting that. But what if there actually is something to this? Do you really know what your budget is? How much can you really spend on a night out on the town or at a restaurant? Have you ever taken the time to really map it out? If you were like me ...

Making Sense of Your Money

RCU, WESTconsin offer in-school programs to boost kids’ financial smarts

Ask many middle school students what they want to be when they grow up, and you’ll probably hear answers like “pro football player” or “video-game tester” or “pro football player who also tests video games.” For students involved in programs ...

Mastering Your Money

Chippewa Valley financial guru Kevin McKinley says the key to financial freedom is simple: Just spend less.

Kevin McKinley is one of the most recognizable financial figures in the Chippewa Valley, in no small part because of the decade-plus he’s spent doling out good-humored advice on Wisconsin Public Radio and in a weekly ...

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