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4 Popular Proteins Tempting the Chippewa Valley

The latest trend in the culinary landscape is to take a trip on the carnivorous side. So, what are the latest meat fads? According to Bob Adrian of BNC Foods and Rump’s Butcher Shoppe in Altoona ...

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Local Sauce Purveyors Have What Your Meat Needs

The sun is out, it’s 70 degrees, and what better way to spend the perfect day than grilling out on the lawn with a cold one in hand. You take a bite of that first summer burger, but the flavor isn’t quite ...

Meet the Meat Man

co-op’s meat buyer isn’t shy about his philosophy of food

If you’re looking for someone to answer some of life’s meaty questions – and we mean “meaty” quite literally – it’s hard to find someone more qualified than Nik Novak, the meat buyer and storekeeper at Just Local Food ...

5 Local Grilling Sidekicks

1. Sconnie Foods squeezable sauerkraut – Accessibility has never been one of sauerkraut’s advantages, until now. The locally made handheld condiment is a must when you’re out and about and need some kraut.

Destination: Meat

seven Wisconsin meat purveyors worth a trip

The start of grilling season inspires foodies to explore new sources for quality meats. And with the farm-to-table movement growing in popularity ...

How to Know If It's Done

check your grill, then check your temp

If you’ve ever taken a piece of meat off the grill only to return it moments later because it wasn’t done, you’ve probably asked yourself each time “How am I supposed to know when it’s done?” ...

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