Beer & Cheese 2014

Suds & Slices

books about Wisconsin beer and cheese found in Volume One’s Local Store

Dutch Treat, American Dream

an immigrant cheesemaker in Thorp is beating the rest of the U.S. – and her old countrymen in Holland – at their own game

Issue #260 August 7, 2014

Note from the Editor | August 7, 2014

There’s some exciting news in this issue (page 8) about a major donation of land and money to UW-Eau Claire in the name of building a major event facility on Menomonie Street along the Chippewa River. It would be the kind of space that could ...

A Sustainable Show

Local food and music are converging into a debut benefit for the UW-Eau Claire Foodlums, a group devoted to local foods and sustainable agriculture education.

Election Season Heats Up with August Primary

Mark your calendars, citizens: Tuesday, Aug. 12, is the fall primary election for partisan offices in Wisconsin. (Until a few years ago the primary was in September, so it’s still called the “fall” primary.) Consider the primary ...

Go Green 2014

Local Group Lobbys in Washington

The Citizens’ Climate Lobby is a national organization aimed to encourage lawmakers to take the environment into account with their legislation. Recently, a number of Wisconsin chapters have popped up, including one here in Eau Claire.

Mayo Eau Claire Wins Eco Award

Mayo Clinic Health System is one of the biggest institutions in Eau Claire, and it produces some of the biggest – and most impressive – recycling figures as well.

Popularity Dooms Yard Waste Site

Eau Claire County’s pilot program offering free disposal of yard waste has been popular – we mean really popular. Too popular, in fact.

Green Grades

our local universities take the lead on environmental issues

Issue #259 July 24, 2014

EC City Council Says E-Nuff to E-Cigarettes

Smokers of those new-fashioned nicotine-delivery devices known as e-cigarettes won’t be able to puff inside city buildings or buses in Eau Claire under a new city ordinance. The ban, approved on a 9-1 vote by the Eau Claire City Council ...

Park It Here

new parking ramp seen as key to continued DT growth

Note from the Editor | July 24, 2014

I’ve seen a fair number of concerts over the years. I started in high school with a few of the day’s mainstream big names – Dave Matthews, Bush, Live, etc. Arena-level gigs. Quickly after that my interests turned more “indie” and the shows ...

Signature Golf

exploring the signature holes of some great local golf courses

Where the Jobs Are 2014

How Do We Attract Jobs?

Eau Claire’s economic development administrator Mike Schatz offers us an inside look at how the city attracts employers and boosts the local job market.

Local Job Numbers

Unemployment statistics fluctuate all the time, but in the past few years they’ve (mostly) been fluctuating in the right direction: downward. Between May 2013 and this May – the last month for which stats are available – the share of the ...

Staying or Going: jobs for graduates

By the numbers, a healthy SHARE of college graduates stick around Eau Claire after they’re done with school. Typically, colleges send out surveys to recent grads every year to keep track of things like how long it took them to find a job, whether ...

Hard to Fill: Jobs that need workers

OK, eager job seekers: Have you got the skills to pay the bills? Apparently not, at least as far as many potential employers are concerned. Large shares of employers nationally and in western Wisconsin say that they’re having trouble filling ...

Vintage Wares 2014

Hidden Gems

local appraiser finds value in the little things

Buyer Beware

stories of thrifting, weird finds, and hijinx from professional and amateur enthusiasts

Founding the Foundry Sale

Initially started as a way to get rid of some things, Mary Freeberg and her husband began the Foundry Sale, a periodic, multi-seller, vintage and antique market housed in a old foundry near Banbury Place.

Fashionable Charm

talking clothes, vintage and collector culture with Jon Schemick, owner of Good & Sturdy Vintage

Issue #258 July 10, 2014

Note from the Editor | July 10, 2014

In a few weeks several friends of mine (and our kids) will be making the trek to the pizza farm near Stockholm. If you’ve never been there, don’t worry about it – it’s sort of a well-guarded secret that should stay that way! Only open on Tuesday ...

Building It Better

new Water Street bridge will have classic look, bike- and walk-friendly design

Farm Fresh 2014

Homegrown, Fresh Reads!

the best local looks at farm life and do-it-yourself cooking with the freshest of ingredients

Giving Back and Keeping it Fresh

Before moving to 320 Putnam Street five years ago, the Eau Claire Community Table premade all of its meals for those in need. But the organization has since then started an initiative to make everything from scratch using fresh food each day ...

Filming the Farm

a chat with Inga Witscher, host of local TV series Around The Farm Table

Chef Nathan Berg's 5 Farmers Market Favorites

There are hundreds of thousands of chefs in the world, almost all of whom work incredibly hard at their craft with varying levels of success. But for the upper echelon of chefs — the very best of the best — you’ll find that they all have one ...

Pet Project 2014

New Dog Park Coming Soon?

Dogs need exercise too – even in the dog days of summer – and that’s where dog parks come in. Eau Claire’s off-lease recreation area, also known as the Otter Creek Dog Park, provides pooches with nine acres in which to chase their own ...

Top Dogs Turn Your Pup into an All-Star

Flyball – This competitive canine sport includes a 51-foot long course that requires four puppy participants to jump four hurdles, activate a spring-loaded box and catch a tennis ball. When one dog returns to the start/finish line ...

Issue #257 June 26, 2014

Now You See Them

EC tech start-up Invisible Connect has ambitious – but mysterious – plans

Governor Walker: I Support the Confluence Project

During a June 23 visit to Eau Claire, Gov. Scott Walker made his most definitive comments yet in support of the Confluence Project. “You’ve got a great partnership with the private sector and the public sector coming together, so I’m here today ...

Note from the Editor | June 26, 2014

Just this last weekend as this issue went to press, we at Volume One heard about the passing of the great local artist, mentor, and friend, Laurie Bieze. With her constant beaming smile and genuine warmth, she was loved by many in this community ...

Health & Fitness Summer 2014

Rogcity's Downtown Workout Tour

You don’t always have time to get to the gym. And on top of that, sometimes it’s nice to get outside and bask in the beauty of your community. Luckily, our downtown is ripe with workout options that don’t require a treadmill or even a dumbbell...

So Long, Suckers: what to do about wisco bugs

Getting outside for exercise or recreation this time of year can put you in touch with Mother Nature’s most bountiful gifts to Wisconsin: Bright summer sunshine. Lush forest pathways. Enormous bloodthirsty mosquitoes. Notice we ...

Local Tips for Buying Your New Bike

Now that the summer season has hit the Chippewa Valley, it’s time again for riders to take to their bikes and hit the trails! Volume One asked some local bike shops what they would recommend for young adults looking to get some fitness in now ...

Alone Together: Some Runners Find Strength in Numbers

Running can be a solitary sport. You don’t need teammates or coaches. You don’t need opponents. Other than shoes – and, these days, probably an iPod – you don’t need gear. All you need is the willingness to pound your feet on the pavement ...

Issue #256 June 12, 2014

You Can Surf for Free at (Even More) City Parks

In an growing number of Eau Claire city parks, nets aren’t just for fishing and webs aren’t just for spiders: The city recently flipped the switch on public Wi-Fi in Owen and Phoenix parks, and access is expected soon at the soccer park, too ...

Still Time to Join Shared Garden

Lacking space for a garden at your home or just worried that your thumb isn’t green enough to sustain one by yourself? Community gardens are designed for people just like you. While all the individual rental plots at the Forest Street Community ...

Note from the Editor | June 12, 2014

It was the first week of June when at the checkout counter of the Birch Street Ace Hardware I was quite excited to see a small cardboard display sitting right behind the credit card swiper – a little box full of those super lightweight wooden ...

Meat! 2014

4 Eau Claire eateries serving odd meats

It turns out that the Chippewa Valley has quite the sophisticated palate when it comes to meat. From the rare to the downright unheard-of, we’ve got it all. Check out this list of some strange meats that we’ve discovered. They’re all being served ...

Hog Heaven

The Deutsch family of Osseo says organic farming, outdoor living are the keys to tastier pork

Issue #255 May 29, 2014

Sweet Memories

Eau Claire author and designer’s kiddie cocktail book mixes retro style with a splash of childhood fun

Going National

Eau Claire is aiming to be named one of America’s best cities

Gaming History

Chippewa Valley Museum collaborates with Stout program for an interactive experience

Note from the Editor | May 29, 2014

By Eau Claire standards there seems to be quite a bit of change happening with our built environment these days. The much-discussed Woo’s Pagoda on Hastings Way, along with the former Wendy’s across the road, have come down to make way for new ...

Issue #254 May 15, 2014

Newly Opened Pete's Wants To Lift Your Spirits

The former Whiskeys Grill and Bar in Altoona, which closed Jan. 25, has been remodeled and re-opened as an establishment designed to be more family-friendly: Pete’s Restaurant & Spirits, 943 Harlem St. Proprietor Pete Hebert hopes to change ...

Get Ready to Bug Out

The restaurant at 1920 South Hastings Way has a new name, a new attitude, and a new winking mascot – but don’t worry, they still serve pizza. Bug Eyed Betty’s Half Moon Saloon recently opened in the building that was previously ...

Bremer Banks on Bigger Branch

Bremer Bank, a fairly recent addition to the Chippewa Valley’s financial scene, has announced plans to build a new bank at the southeast corner of Oakwood Hills Parkway and Damon Street on Eau Claire’s south side. The St. Paul-based bank ...

Healthy Applause for Health Chapter Author

The man who helped create the recently adopted health chapter of Eau Claire’s comprehensive plan – which focuses on improving citizens’ health through the physical environment around them – has won a public health award. Ned Noel, associate ...

Note from the Editor | May 15, 2014

I’m often asked during various presentations why we started Volume One. The simple version is that we saw a gap in local media coverage of music, arts, and the culture of this community. To that end, our pages covered some pretty obscure ...

Goodbye, Pagoda. Hello, Pharmacy War

A legendary Eau Claire restaurant soon will be replaced by a brand-new drugstore. The Eau Claire Plan commission recently approved the construction of a 13,000-square-foot CVS Pharmacy at the northwest corner ...

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