Issue #269 December 11, 2014

Following the Current

an ambitious new museum exhibit explains how cultures have intersected over four centuries of Chippewa Valley history

Note from the Editor | Dec. 11, 2014

If you’ve been in our office/store during the holidays, or heck, if you’ve even driven by, you can see that Volume One is fairly obsessed with Christmas decorations. Which really means I am obsessed with Christmas decorations. And as with many ...

Issue #268 November 27, 2014

Turning A New Page

groundbreaking ceremony marks start of downtown’s biggest project ever

Note from the Editor | Nov. 27, 2014

We’re wrapping up this issue just in time for Thanksgiving. And while hopefully most of us have the opportunity to pause and think about the things we’re personally thankful for this time of year, I also want to mention a list of things ...

Holiday Handbook 2014

Local Kids: What Does Santa Do All Day?

Over the years we’ve asked Chippewa Valley third-graders to ponder the season’s greatest questions, including “What does Santa do all day?” Here are some of the most creative peeks that young writers have given us ...

Beacon House Offers Families Shelter From the Cold

For more than a decade, Beacon House in downtown Eau Claire has provided a bright light of hope for Chippewa Valley families who find themselves homeless. The shelter, a collaborative effort among more than 20 local religious congregations ...

Behind the Beard

legendary Chippewa Falls Santa Chuck Card chats about candy canes, carols, and fake whiskers

Issue #267 November 13, 2014

Web Series Gets Couch Potatoes Ready for Deer Hunting

Deer hunting season is upon us and as folks get ready to head into the woods, most are thinking more about bagging that 30-point buck than about the strain the unusual physical activity will put on their couch-bound bodies ...

Digging In

EC’s south side will get its own community garden

Note from the Editor | Nov. 13, 2014

Here at the Volume One office we host a lot of group tours and talks. People like to poke around our old 1880s building and see how we’ve made it into a creative space for our staff and store. And they sometimes like to hear some of the V1 ...

Coffee Culture 2014

Ugly Muggin’

We scoured Valley thrift and antique stores for the cheesiest and weirdest coffee mugs around.

Hauntings 2014
On the Money 2014

Learning About Your Money

Western Dairyland financial literacy specialist Adrian Klenz on the Valley's need for financial educational

Issue #266 October 30, 2014

Longfellow Kids Set Course for Adventure

Longfellow Elementary School teachers Sarah Duerre and Carrie Gee, along with Holly Larson and UW-Eau Claire, have created Adventure Kids, an outdoor learning experience for their school’s 60 fifth graders. Additional leadership comes ...

Yoga Classes Will Raise Funds for Free Clinic

Yoga is promoted as a practice that can help one’s mind, body, and spirit; now it’s helping the community, too. That’s the motivation behind a series of monthly classes being launched by Eau Claire yoga teacher Sarah Kay Thearin ...

DVD Mixes Cardio, Core – and Indie Rock

Every good workout needs a great soundtrack, and a new locally created exercise DVD will do just that. Jeff Rogers of Rogcity Fitness, sometimes known as “Bon Iver’s personal trainer,” has been working on his second music-infused workout ...

Back to Life

Chippewa Falls’ legendary (and legendarily haunted) Sheeley House reopens

Coworking Collaboration

UW-Eau Claire partners with WorkSpace to give entrepreneurship students a taste of coworking

Development Plans Sought for Downtown Sites

The Eau Claire Redevelopment Authority is looking for developers who’ve got good ideas for the future of the former post office and a nearby parking lot on North Barstow Street. The RDA, which owns the two downtown parcels, recently ...

Note from the Editor | Oct. 30, 2014

People here really love their local history. I have to imagine that’s true many places, but it sure seems like the Chippewa Valley citizenry might love to talk about the past a bit more than most. Especially former local businesses. With that in ...

Issue #265 October 16, 2014

Symphony Seeks Posters Designed by Students

What do you see when you listen to music? If you’re a student in kindergarten through 12th grade in the Chippewa Valley, you can share you vision and help promote the Chippewa Valley Symphony Orchestra! K-12 students ...

Ice Age Trail Expands in Chippewa County

Wisconsin’s 1,200-mile hiking marvel, the Ice Age Trail, just got a little longer, thanks to hard-working volunteers. Last month, 149 volunteers put in more than 3,700 hours of labor to build 1.5 miles of new trail in Chippewa County ...

Express Alum Pitches Big-League No-Hitter

Early in their history, the Eau Claire Express had back-to-back losing seasons in 2005 and 2006. The following year, however, brought a silver lining: Pitcher Jordan Zimmermann, who went 4-2 in 10 starts for the Express in 2006, became ...

Food of India

filling Eau Claire’s Indian food void from a spot in Oakwood Mall

Bye the Willow: Open and Ready For Business

If you need a spot to host your private party, or are simply looking for a good way to spend the night with some friends, Bye the Willow, 501 N. High St., Chippewa Falls, is just the place you’re looking for. Need a venue for your wedding ...

Water Street Burrito Haven Moves Down Street

El Patio is on the move but it isn’t going far. In a few months, you’ll be able to enjoy El Patio’s delicious burritos and refreshing margaritas at 408 Water St., just a couple of blocks from their current location. According to Alejandro Castro ...

Wine Gala Offers Variety, Quantity for a Cause

Don’t pass up the opportunity to give back to the community by sampling cheese and beer. On Friday, October 17, Gordy’s Valley Spirits is hosting its Fourth Annual “Uncorked” Autumn Wine Tasting Gala at Heartland Aviation, where all proceeds ...

CVTC Gets $20M to Boost Health Training Statewide

Chippewa Valley Technical College has always had a strong health care program. Now it’s about to get stronger: CVTC will receive $20 million in federal grants to help it and the rest of the state’s tech schools boost health care education ...

Oakleaf Hospital Officially Opens Doors in Altoona

OakLeaf Surgical Hospital has officially relocated to a brand-spankin’-new 108,000-square-foot hospital just off U.S. 53 in Altoona’s River Prairie Development. The physician-owned hospital moved from its original location near ...

Note from the Editor | Oct. 16, 2014

There’s something so Wisconsin about this time of year. Something so authentic. Certainly more authentic than those other Midwestern states. Many writers have written better words than I about autumn’s color, chills, and traditions ...

Issue #264 October 2, 2014

Steaming Ahead

Augusta steampunk gathering seeks lovers of retro sci-fi

Kids & Family - Fall 2014

Tiny Hiney: “Why I Like Neighborhoods”

Tiny Hiney is written by Eva Paulus, the eight-year-old daughter of Volume One columnist Mike Paulus (who writes The Rear End). For this installment, Eva wrote about neighborhoods.

Issue #263 September 18, 2014

Guppy's Pizza Dives into Water Street 'Za Market

The closing of Jim’s Pizza earlier this year was a considerable loss for the local pizza buff. Now, though, they’re able rejoice in a new (delicious, cheese stuffed) filling for that void. Guppy’s Pizza, owned and operated by former ...

Eau Claire Wants You Healthy!

The City of Eau Claire wants you to be healthy (so does your mom, spouse, and kids!). Last year, the City Council adopted a new section into the Comprehensive Plan known as the Health Chapter, the goal being to promote overall public health ...

YMCA, UWEC to Spot Each Other on Rec Complex

In a few years, members of the Eau Claire YMCA could be sweating alongside UW-Eau Claire students and staff in a new shared activity center. The Y’s board of directors voted recently to pursue an agreement with the university to partner on a new ...

Fall Harvest 2014
Football Fever 2014

Local Talent

a list of locals – who were either born, raised, or educated here – who went pro

Issue #262 September 4, 2014

A Look at the Future?

panels ponder multiuse Confluence building; Regents gives thumbs up to performing arts center

Note from the Editor | Sept. 4, 2014

It feels good to be shaken from your routine now and again. And when you have a two-and-a-half year old kid, it’s pretty easy (and probably necessary) to fall into a routine. We all have the things we usually do around town, the places we ...

Back to School 2014

Mascot v. Mascot

They’re both blue, made of fuzzy foam, and have the job of boosting school spirit. But which Chippewa Valley university mascot would win in a fight?

Teacher Tell-all

High school students, listen up: If you want to stay on your teachers’ good side, check this advice about what annoys them — then don’t do those things.

Eminent alumni

Do you think all the talented, famous, successful people in the world get educated at Harvard or Yale? Think again!

Issue #261 August 21, 2014

Ski Club Buys Hill for a Buck, Plans Upgrade

Who says you can’t get anything for a buck these days? Last we heard, McDonald’s still had a dollar menu. But if your tastes run toward rocketing off a ski jump instead of a gorging on one-buck McDoubles (cheese costs extra), the world still ...

A Fine Bridge to Dinner

Have you ever been sitting at home at the dinner table eating and thought to yourself, “I should be on a bridge right now.” Dreams do come true! Sponsored by Downtown Eau Claire, Inc., enjoy a three-course dinner while over a public bridge ...

String Shop Tops Jump-Start Biz Contest

Entrepreneurial innovation was honored Aug. 6 at the annual Jump-Start Downtown Business Plan Competition. The awards, which are given out by Downtown Eau Claire Inc., are designed to stimulate business growth downtown. The big winner was ...

Fostering Success

new UW-Stout program aims to help foster kids reach college – and excel

Note from the Editor | August 21,2014

As this season of the Sounds Like Summer Concert Series on Thursdays in Phoenix Park draws to a close, we did a little math. Once you add up nine seasons and account for the rain out dates, turns out this summer’s final show on Aug. 28 is also ...

Beer & Cheese 2014

Suds & Slices

books about Wisconsin beer and cheese found in Volume One’s Local Store

Dutch Treat, American Dream

an immigrant cheesemaker in Thorp is beating the rest of the U.S. – and her old countrymen in Holland – at their own game

Issue #260 August 7, 2014

Note from the Editor | August 7, 2014

There’s some exciting news in this issue (page 8) about a major donation of land and money to UW-Eau Claire in the name of building a major event facility on Menomonie Street along the Chippewa River. It would be the kind of space that could ...

A Sustainable Show

Local food and music are converging into a debut benefit for the UW-Eau Claire Foodlums, a group devoted to local foods and sustainable agriculture education.

Kids & Family - Spring 2014

Tiny Hiney: “My Perfect Library”

Tiny Hiney is written by Eva Paulus, the seven-and-a-half-year-old daughter of Volume One columnist Mike Paulus (who writes The Rear End). For this installment, Eva wrote about libraries.

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