Ready for the Road

big rig show’s got a parade, an ice road trucker, and ... Frozen

by Tom Giffey

While it was once the month that kids suffered from the back-to-school blues, in recent years August has become a time that Chippewa Valley youngsters look forward to: It’s when a rumbling, smoking, and honking armada of semi trucks rolls through town. The sixth annual Eau Claire Big Rig Truck & Tractor Show ...

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Chippewa Falls' New Playground

Irvine Park upgrades with fancy new playground

by Tom Giffey

It’s got a zoo, a cave, a splash pad, and the most amazing Christmas light display this side of the North Poll, but somehow Chippewa Falls’ Irvine Park just managed to get even more fun: Earlier this summer, a huge new set of playground equipment was installed just across from the park’s duck pond ...

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Tiny Kids, Tinier Technology

by Tom Giffey

You think your kiddos are small, with their itsy-bitsy fingers and teeny-tiny toes? You don’t know the half of it – or, to be more appropriate, the one-billionth of it. A new display at the Children’s Museum of Eau Claire will teach you and your young ones what it means to be really small – we’re talking nanoscale small. The touring “Nano” exhibit ...

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Student Directed

Montessori Charter School students launch film fest

by Laura Lash, photos by Lee Butterworth

The first ever Chippewa Valley Montessori Film Festival features an already stunning roster of ideas and characters at play: Big cats, roaring engines, princesses, temples, birds, friends, Target, magic, love, banana slugs, and ideas so completely out-of-this-world they could only come from the über-creative minds of kids ...

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Lil’ Gardeners

the kids at Lily Pad Lab have a small plot in the Southside Community garden

by Eric Rasmussen

Apparently 14 hours of television a day no longer makes for a constructive summer, so community kids and parents are thankful that the Lily Pad Lab has teamed up with the Southside Community Gardens to host several classes.

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A Day in the Past

CV Museum marks International Museum Day

by James Johonnott, photos by Andrea Paulseth

History lovers of the Chippewa Valley make your way to the Chippewa Valley Museum on May 17 for International Museum Day. The museum will offer a buy one adult and get one at half price admissions special from 10am to 5pm, as well as a scavenger hunt to test the powers of observation throughout the various exhibits ...

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Look to the Stars

space lovers celebrate Astronomy Day

by James Johonnott

The stars will align for astronomy fanatics and hobbyists of the Chippewa Valley on May 2. The annual Astronomy Day for the Chippewa Valley is an event that appeals to people of all ages who have ever had a fascination with the night sky, space travel, rocketry, and other related subjects ...

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Paddle Back in Time

The Past Passed Here opens history to kids (and adults)

by Tom Giffey

It’s time to shed the stereotypes about history being boring and stuffy. The lives of those who came before us in the Chippewa Valley were exciting and diverse, and every year kids (and grown-ups, too) get a chance to immerse themselves in part of that history courtesy of the Past Passed Here. Now in its 13th year, the Past Passed Here is a four-day re-enactment of the fur trade and lumbering eras, which shaped the Valley as surely as a flying tomahawk shapes its target. ...

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A Tale of Canoeing Customs

kayaks and speedboats may be faster, but there’s no better way to relax and explore Wisconsin waterways than a good old canoe

by Conrad Leighton, photos by Conrad Leighton

Canoeing the rivers of Northern Wisconsin has been a tradition for children in our family since the 1930s. I have a tinted picture of my dad and his cousins swimming in the Cedar Falls Rapids of the Flambeau River in the 1930s when they were ...

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Consignment Sale

children’s consignment sale has a rink full of bargains

by Laura Lash

Here We Grow Again is back for its biannual children’s consignment sale at the Hobbs Ice Arena. With 10 years of experience, curators Donna Kmetz and Mary Jo Hanson have this sale professionally staged and extraordinarily run. The event spans the ...

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Which is a frog and which is a toad?

they look and smell similar, so how are they different?

by Eric Christenson

If you get right down to it, frogs and toads are very similar. Both are small, green, cold-blooded, and they kinda look exactly same. But the truth is, they’re completely different. OK, we know one of them is a reptile and one of them is an ...

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An Icy Stage

annual figure skating show goes theatrical

by Katy Macek, photos by Andrea Paulseth

The Eau Claire Figure Skating Club invites everyone to “Come Sail Away” with its 36th Annual Ice Show April 10-12 in Hobbs Ice Center. This year’s theme is sure to warm up the audience, even in the icy arena. Nancy Girst has been coaching ...

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Fleet Female Feet

Girls on the Run fosters confidence, athleticism

by Barbara Arnold

If you’ve ever trained for a 5K race, you know the “high” you get when you cross that finish line. Pre-teen girls like Madeline and Eva are learning about that power of running along with valuable life skills and more by committing to training ...

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Lamb-tastic Cuties at Govin's

come welcome some baby lambs, chicks to the Valley

by Katy Macek

Face-painting, farm animals and fun for the whole family are guaranteed at the Lambing Barn in Govin’s Meat & Berries, located in Menomonie. Children and families are welcome to watch baby lambs as they begin to nurse and get to know the barn. ...

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Kids Help Kids at CVYS Show

‘Pirates and Dragons’ benefits youth hunger charity

by V1 Staff

On Sunday, March 15, join the Chippewa Valley Youth Symphony in song and the spirit of giving as the symphony teams up with Feed My People Food Bank, an Eau Claire-based hunger charity ...

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Chromebooks, iPads and Smart Boards, Oh My!

by Barbara Arnold

Thanks to a $20,000 donation from Royal Credit Union and some community grants, the Boys and Girls Club of the Greater Chippewa Valley has two new classrooms along with new technology to help its members study and learn in its after-school ...

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The Natural Approach

Bradley Method of childbirth training emphasizes role of father, value of drug-free labor

by Tom Giffey

When Amanda and Tim Gunderson were preparing for the arrival of their first child four years ago, they became interested in an approach to natural childbirth known as the Bradley Method. No one taught it locally, however, so the couple ...

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Birthing Options: A Rundown

having a baby is an intensely personal experience, but there are numerous kinds of professionals who can guide and help expectant parents through a successful birth

by Tom Giffey

Childbirth isn’t a one-size-fits-all experience. Today, parents-to-be are increasingly able to personalize it to fit there needs and desires. Here in the Chippewa Valley, there are a growing range of options ...

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Winter at Camp Manitou

kids enjoy snowshoeing, hiking during two-day camp

by Barbara Arnold

If your kids like Camp Manitou’s swamp hike over the summer, they’ll love its Winter Camp over Valentine’s Day/President’s Day weekend Saturday, Feb. 14 through Monday, Feb. 16. Now in its fourth year, the camp offers outdoor activities...

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