Tiny Hiney: On Spring and School

by Eva Paulus

Tiny Hiney is written by Eva Paulus, the five-and-a-half-year-old daughter of Volume One columnist Mike Paulus (who writes The Rear End).

About Spring

I love spring. I like not wearing anything on my arms or my feet or my legs ‘cause I’m bored of wearing things on my arms or my feet or my legs.

It’s fun to stomp in puddles ’cause I get to kick water onto the road so the cars will slip. (At least, I tried.) I need to wear rain boots, my hat, my jacket, and umbrella. Well, if it’s raining outside.

Just ready, set, STOMP.

I get to plant seeds sometimes. I like to plant catnip ‘cause then the kitties go crazy, of course.

Spring is when flowers grow and stuff like that. I can’t possibly tell you any more.

About School

My favorite places in Eau Claire are in school and in my house. It’s really fun at school, so you should go to school. ‘Cause there’s recess. Why wouldn’t there be recess?

It’s fun to make new friends and play with friends you already made. Usually [they] are playing something, and so I want to join in. I ask, “Can I play?” or “What are you playing?” Sometimes they’re playing house, sometimes they’re playing fairy princesses, and sometimes they’re making an ant home.

Eau Claire is a really cool place. I really like Eau Claire. I can’t possibly tell you any more.