The Place for Waste

here’s your guide to spring clean up disposal

V1 Staff

The snow is finally gone, but we haven’t found our lovely lawns under all the leaves, thatch, and brush just yet. It’s time to break out the rake and get the yard into tip-top shape for hosting barbeques ...

Ash Borer 101

Lauren Fisher

The Emerald Ash Borer, an invasive species of beetle that infests and kills ash trees, was discovered in Eau Claire County in December of 2017. It’s been a slow crawl across the United States from Michigan ...

Bye-Bye, Bluegrass!

three low-maintenance alternatives to the traditional lawn

Lauren Fisher

Mowing got you down? Or are you looking to add a little diversity to your yard? There are a number of plants that make for excellent alternatives to your traditional grass lawn. You might have to sacrifice ...

Natural Vibes

don’t go chasin’ waterfalls – bring one to your own backyard

V1 Staff

This stunning backyard waterfall completed by Green Oasis is a full outdoor living space. The flagstone patio is bordered with natural landscaping to fit in with the surrounding environment ...

Everyone Loves a Parade

annual Parade of Homes offers diverse price ranges, options for potential home-buyers

Tom Giffey

you can’t buy it, then you’ll have to build it. That seems to be the lesson the red-hot local housing market is giving to potential homebuyers, who are frequently finding their would-be new dwellings snatched ...

Big Branch-Out: A look at Down to Earth’s major expansion

Haley Wright, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Down to Earth Garden Center, a local family owned business offering landscaping services and retail sales at 6025 Arndt Road in Eau Claire, has recently expanded its Garden Center to offer customers ...

In the Garden, in the Zone

a Chippewa Valley master gardener shares her gardening expertise

by Maggie Cook, by Laura Wolter, photos by Laura Wolter

Gardeners are lucky to have myriad traditional resources for finding plant information such as garden books, magazines, garden center staff, University Extension agents, and Master Gardener volunteers ...

Can You Dig It?

maybe not ‑ only diggers Hotline knows for sure

Tom Giffey

When sprig finally arrived in the snowbound Chippewa Valley a couple of years ago, my wife and I were eager to put in a modest garden behind our new home. And while I’m a newbie when it comes to gardening ...

Getting Started With Container Gardening

plant selection and timing are key to small scale success

Vijai Pandian, UW-Extension

Traditional gardens require ample space, appropriate sunlight, and an ongoing time commitment, but container gardening offers an alternative way to grow fresh fruits and vegetables with more limited resources ...

Housing Demand Is Growing

local home builders say tight market makes new construction more attractive

Chippewa Valley Homebuilders Association

With the local job market continuing to improve, demand among homebuyers has continued to grow steadily despite rising mortgage rates. This demand has created record-low inventory in the Chippewa Valley ...

Let the Parade Begin

Chippewa Valley builders put their work on display for 43rd annual home showcase

Tom Giffey

A couple of the houses originally slated to be part of the Chippewa Valley Home Builders Association’s 43rd Annual Parade of Homes had to drop out – and for good reason: They have already been sold ...

6 Generous Bird Bushes

Conrad Leighton

We seem to think of gardening primarily for summer flowers, but there are other seasons and attractions to consider: fall, winter, spring – and birds. When we moved into our house 29 years ago, the yard offered green grass and little else ...

Coming Up Green

Down to Earth's expansion mirrors housing market growth, national trends

Tom Giffey

Like a healthy perennial, Down to Earth Garden Center has blossomed to life this spring bigger and better. The garden center on Eau Claire’s south side has just completed ...

Ethics and the Soil

how we treat gardens, yards, and fields impacts life - from microorganisms to human beings

Eli Gottfried

It seems odd to connect ethics with soil. I doubt that bacteria, fungi, and nematodes spend much time debating the ethics of eating each other. Mostly they just react to what’s around ...

Capturing History at Home

building on one of the last open lots in Eau Claire's Third Ward, company honors the neighborhood's historical style

Haley Wright, photos by Andrea Paulseth

A beautiful new home created with the inspiration of paying homage to the past has been built in Eau Claire’s historic Third Ward neighborhood and will be featured ...

Building Something New

if you’re looking to buy, remodel, or just ogle, the Parade of Homes has something to offer

Tom Giffey

Whether you’re in the market for a new house, hope to remodel your existing one, or simply want to check out some of the area’s most beautiful new homes, mark your calendar for the Chippewa Valley Home Builders Association’s 41st Annual Parade of Homes ...

Hosta la Vista, Baby

the Witt family nurtures elaborate gardens chock full of hostas

Katy Macek

After moving to Eau Claire to continue their education, Richard and Karen Witt also wanted to continue another tradition of theirs: their big, beautiful gardens. However, they found the climate in Eau Claire to be completely different from their previous home just a ...

Adrienne Dorig: Next Level Design

award-winning interior designer takes home prestigious awards for kitchen/bath project

Eric Christenson

Adrienne Dorig is a interior designer and California transplant who moved to the area after her husband got a job teaching at UW-Eau Claire. She specializes in artfully designing kitchens and bathrooms with sophistication and functionality. A seasoned designer with ...

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