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Let the Parade Begin

Chippewa Valley builders put their work on display for 43rd annual home showcase

6 Generous Bird Bushes

We seem to think of gardening primarily for summer flowers, but there are other seasons and attractions to consider: fall, winter, spring – and birds. When we moved into our house 29 years ago, the yard offered green grass and little else ...

Coming Up Green

Down to Earth's expansion mirrors housing market growth, national trends

Ethics and the Soil

how we treat gardens, yards, and fields impacts life - from microorganisms to human beings

Capturing History at Home

building on one of the last open lots in Eau Claire's Third Ward, company honors the neighborhood's historical style

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Building Something New

if you’re looking to buy, remodel, or just ogle, the Parade of Homes has something to offer

Whether you’re in the market for a new house, hope to remodel your existing one, or simply want to check out some of the area’s most beautiful new homes, mark your calendar for the Chippewa Valley Home Builders Association’s 41st Annual Parade of Homes ...

Hosta la Vista, Baby

the Witt family nurtures elaborate gardens chock full of hostas

After moving to Eau Claire to continue their education, Richard and Karen Witt also wanted to continue another tradition of theirs: their big, beautiful gardens. However, they found the climate in Eau Claire to be completely different from their previous home just a ...

Adrienne Dorig: Next Level Design

award-winning interior designer takes home prestigious awards for kitchen/bath project

Adrienne Dorig is a interior designer and California transplant who moved to the area after her husband got a job teaching at UW-Eau Claire. She specializes in artfully designing kitchens and bathrooms with sophistication and functionality. A seasoned designer with ...

Recycling Your Pad

carpet installer can trim landfill waste

The aesthetic benefits of installing new carpet in your home come with a big downside: waste. Worn-out carpet and padding are cumbersome and costly to dispose...

The Anti-Hoarder

local organizing expert lends her tidy advice

Well Chippewa Valley, spring is just about sprung. The river is flowing and so are the sidewalks. For those of us with dogs, children or, well, feet, this can mean constant clean up.

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