A Clean, Calorie-Burning Commute

with the right attitude and equipment, biking can be a wintertime adventure

My morning preparations are complete so I head out to the garage to mount up for my bicycle commute to work. I’m wearing long johns, boots, a warm coat, a scarf and my insulated gloves ...

Feel the Burn: Weird Ways to Burn Calories

the calories burned* by doing things not normally associated with exercise

Skipping: 379 calories - If you skip someplace instead of walk, you burn almost four times the amount of calories! No wonder elementary schoolers are so dang skinny.

World Class Lifters

Eau Claire has some impressive female powerlifters, including a 17-year-old junior at North High

When you watch Sam Kroll – a petite, five-foot, 17-year-old junior at North High School in Eau Claire – deadlift 325 pounds, you’d never know that she was born early, a preemie coming into the world, after six-and-a-half months, weighing one pound, 11 ounces ...

Yoga: More Than You Imagine

It’s not only for gurus and models: Yoga can benefit everyone, veteran teachers say.

There was a time in the not-too-distant past when yoga wasn’t as close as the supermarket check-out, when it wasn’t viewed as the province of well-toned magazine models. Having made the leap from millennia-old Indian spiritual discipline ...

Lifestyle Diets

If you have ever been on a diet, you know that the effects simply don’t last once you resume your normal eating habits. In order to receive lasting benefits, you really need to change your entire lifestyle and relationship with food. So, to help ...

Dancing Up a Storm

Dance like nobody’s watching. This statement is cutesy, trite, and meant to be a metaphor. But darn it, I’m taking it literally, and that’s why I’ve spent almost every Saturday morning for the last two months at Zumba class ...

Finding Your Center

new business offers space for ‘creative spirituality’

Finding your center is a goal of many religious and spiritual paths, whether that center is a place of inner peace reached through meditation or an eternal soul that connects you with a higher power.

Old Abe Trail Gets New Look

If the ride seemed a bit less bumpy during your recent trip down the Old Abe State Trail, it wasn’t your imagination: Late last year, a 10-mile stretch of the trail between Jim Falls and Cornell was resurfaced at a cost of $800,000 ...

New Place to Skate

skateboard plaza coming to Lakeshore Park

When city of Eau Claire parks officials created Phoenix Park a decade ago, they intended to build a beautiful, functional gathering place for the public at the confluence of two rivers – and they did that ...