Issue #160 2010-09-09

John Prine

State Theatre scores major show with folk superstar


Montreal metalheads on tap for big House of Rock show

Back to Mack

the crazy-voiced comic from northern Wisconsin returns

Issue #159 2010-08-26

An 'Inside' Look at Altoona

Herb Ruscin's new book, A Step Inside My Altoona, contains 78 separate memories that each span about two to three pages, and cover the essential chunk of childhood.

Issue #158 2010-08-12

Growing Solo

Bon Iver drummer Sean Carey releases solo album on Jagjaguwar

Issue #157 2010-07-29

Longtime Local Musicians Create Duo Project

The Morris Garage Band is an acoustic project that features cover tunes by the Moody Blues, Neil Young, Jethro Tull, Jim Croce, and James Taylor as well as various hits from the 80s and 90s.

The Barn

Clear Lake barn offers country retreat and recording studio in one


unfinished Dickens novel a choose-your-own stage adventure

Issue #156 2010-07-15

Icarus Himself

odd-sounding Madison trio with local ties to play (twice)

Almost Famous

ECCT takes on New York, high school, and cutthroat stardom

Comedy of Errors

CVTG’s annual Shakespeare Workshop to cover The Bard’s earlier works

Betty Boop Festival Hits Wisconsin Rapids

The Betty Boop Festival in Wisconsin Rapids takes over the entire city for events like a Betty Boop Bash Party, an annual car show, Hollywood Archives Exhibit, art exhibit, and Betty Boop Revue.

Issue #155 2010-07-01

Whale House Has New CD

A Menomonie duo recently released its debut CD. The disc is Cinquefoil and the band is Whale House, a slang reference to the ocean.

Hip-hop and B-boy Association's Debut Event

On July 14 at DeLong Middle School, local breakdancers the Floor Dusters Crew are teaming up with the Eau Claire Hip-Hop and B-Boy/B-Girl Association to put on the Valley’s first official b-boy jam, Lay Da Breaks.

William F. Kirk

a history lesson on one of the area’s most prolific and famous writers

Issue #154 2010-06-17

Farms to Plow East Coast

Come July, Ben Larson and Andy Todryk will be taking their loud prog-rock out of the home and out to the East Coast.

Local Author Dives into Health Care Issues

In March, the government passed a health care reform bill that will directly affect all U.S. citizens in the next four years. Groans, cheers, and questions were heard the nation over ...

Issue #153 2010-06-03


folk group prepares to lead the next generation of the local music scene

Unwind Gets Hot with Chill

I was surprised when I put in the new DJ Unwind EP Far From Here and heard “chill” music coming out of my speakers instead of bass and beats and raps about a poorly knit sweater.

A Grimm Show

Eau Claire Children’s Theatre stages classic fairy tales

Issue #152 2010-05-20

In a Rhythm

UWEC’s Jazz Ensemble again named among best

Issue #151 2010-05-06

Memorial's Evening of Jazz

Memorial High School’s Jazz Ensemble I is heading off to the highly regarded Essentially Ellington competition in New York … again!

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