Snowshoes: Lace 'Em Up

Beaver Creek's upcoming snowshoe workshops and hikes

Before Scandinavians immigrated to America in the early 1800s and introduced winter skis as a form of transportation, people used snowshoes, made by hand. These days, snowshoes have been pushed aside for not only skiing, but snowboarding, snowmobiling, and the ever-popular automobile (we prefer four-wheel drive). But Beaver Creek Reserve wants us to take a step back in time and find out for yourself how enjoyable snowshoeing can be, especially added to the pride and satisfaction you can feel after your own sweat, blood, and possible tears are poured into making a pair. You’ll need patience as much as hand dexterity, as a forgotten lace can force you to undo/redo an hour’s worth of work. But it will be totally worth it when you can transport yourself around this soon-to-be snowy city in a way that will benefit both your body and our environment. What could be better? How about snowshoeing by candlelight along Beaver Creek’s wooded trails on Jan. 13 and 14 right after sunset to test your handmade shoes (rentals also available), explore the trails, and relax around the fire. Before the candlelight extravaganza, Beaver Creek also hopes to hold some introductory classes that will brush up your knowledge on the history of snowshoeing, familiarize you with the different types, and strap on a pair to hike around their great trails. Visit their site for more registration details.

Make Your Own Snowshoes (2011) • Dec. 3-4 (register by Nov. 11) • Beaver Creek Nature Center, S1 Cty Hwy K, Fall Creek • 9:30am-3:30pm • call for prices • 877-2212 •