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Spooky Stories: Live radio play brings life to horror storytelling

Get your Halloween creepy vibes and horror fix with some spooky stories, eerie performances, and live sound effects. “The Live Radio Collection: Spooky Halloween Show,” performed by the Speck of Dust Theatre Company at The Plus on Oct. 21, is a collection of five spooky radio dramas ...

The Star Wars Guy

Episodes from the life of a lifelong fan who embraced his inner Vader

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5 Wisconsin Paranormal Day (or Night) Trips

let paranormal investigator Chad Lewis plan your chilling Badger State vacation

1. ELMWOOD "UFO Capital of the World" Late on the evening of April 22, 1976, police officer George Wheeler noticed a bright light hovering near the town’s old quarry. Thinking it could be a fire,

You Won't Escape This Time

Tactical Escape collaborates on escape room in the Schlegelmilch House, a historic Eau Claire landmark

A spooky opportunity to engage in some serious team work and use your problem-solving and math skills to get out of a haunted room in a historic ...

Prepare for an Alien Invasion

Writers Guild hosts readers theater performance of War of the Worlds broadcast

What would it be like to experience Orson Welles’ radio drama, War of the Worlds – to feel the fear the nation felt in 1938?

Ghoul Is in Session

Ski Sprites create haunted (school) house for Halloween

During most of the year, the cement-block building at 415 S. Dewey St. in downtown Eau Claire is used to store motorboats for the Ski Sprites water ski team. When the leaves begin to turn and the night air becomes chilly ...

Skin-Crawling Local Tales

an extra-spooky take on Volume One's storytelling series

At Let’s Be Honest – Volume One’s grownup storytelling series – some of the area’s best writers and yarn-spinners take to the mic for a night of personal stories told live. For each installment, multiple ...

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