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You Won't Escape This Time

Tactical Escape collaborates on escape room in the Schlegelmilch House, a historic Eau Claire landmark

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Get Your Zombie On

you know you wanna party at the Masonic Temple

Zombies, ghouls, and witches can reunite at the first annual Zombie Bash at the Masonic Temple in downtown Eau Claire on Saturday, Oct. 31 from 7pm to midnight. Event curator and temple caretaker Allen Mazuk promises an unusual and freaky time can be had by all. Attendees will enter the ...

Ski Sprites' Downtown Frights

annual haunted house sponsored by the Eau Claire Ski Sprites moves downtown

Halfway up the Dewey Street Hill – in a block of darkness – in a non-descript gray cement building with the windows painted over – projecting out of THE slope of the hill – with newly added bright orange neon lights on the roof – is downtown Eau Claire’s only haunted house, the Van Krumple Mortuary & Crematorium ...

5 Spooky Places in the Chippewa Valley

longtime paranormal investigator Chad Lewis offers his list of top scary spots

As you prepare to engage in the splendid Halloween traditions of putting up decorations, carving jack-o’-lanterns, and deciding on which terrifying costume best suits you, don’t forget about the more sinister side of the holiday. According to legend, as Halloween approaches, the veil that separates our world ...

Haunted House 101

tips for scaring your Halloween guests in the best possible way

A lot of people are at least mildly claustrophobic, so making them crawl at certain points will make them freak out. Perhaps the most classic laugh-scare utilizes darkness ...

Some Boo-Riffic Reads

hunt down the spookiest stories and most terrifying tales Wisconsin has to offer

Chilling tales of murder, suicide, and untimely death brought to you by one of the Midwest’s most famous paranormal experts. Chad Lewis is a researcher, author, and lecturer on ...

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