Cool new foodie TV show out of Osseo?

Mike Paulus

Inga Witscher, organic farmer and future TV host?
Inga Witscher, organic farmer straight outta Osseo and ... future TV host?

Osseo organic farmer Inga Witscher, along with local musician/artist Joe Maurer and presumably a host of cohorts, have created a fantastic little pilot episode for a food show called “Around the Farm Table.” The show features Witscher as host and her Wisconsin farm/kitchen as the backdrop. Description:

"Around The Farm Table" is a half hour program highlighting the bounty of local and regional farmers as well as artisans and seasonal food producers. Host Inga Witscher – dairy farmer, gardener, and avid food enthusiast – will take the viewer on a journey to visit local food producers and offer an on-the-ground look at cooking with fresh and seasonal ingredients. The broadcast is equal parts cooking show and farming adventure, unfolding an entertaining and informative story on "how the ingredients get to the table."

You can watch the pilot episode below, which introduces Witscher and the farm a couple of fresh-tastic dishes. It’s pretty good stuff for a low budget pilot. It’s a lot more fun to see a small working farm in action, producing food for the show’s recipes than it is to see Giada De Laurentiis snipping some basil from the window garden behind her sink. There’s a number of “local food” themed shows out there, but I’ve never seen one like this. It’s also got the host singing a little John Denver, so there you go.

Maurer says they’re shooting to get the show onto Wisconsin Public Television.