Buying into Organic

Chippewa group has been doing it since before it was cool

The notion of organic food stores and local food co-ops in 1980 was certainly an innovative one, which is exactly why Chippewa Falls residents Barb Harling and Kathy Mandelert founded CHIPS, the Chippewa Falls Organic Food Buying Club. Together ...

Winter Sustainability

festival offers green vendors, dinner, and ... square dancing

Sustainability isn’t just for summer. Eau Claire’s inaugural Sustainability Festival, put on by Sustainable Eau Claire, is in fact a Winter Sustainability Festival aimed at educating families and children in particular about the benefits of a ...

The Gas Guzzlers of 2011

If you stay awake at night dreaming of a post-apocalyptic world filled with SUV’s that burn a mix of crushed up wind turbines and solar panels for fuel, then these cars are for you.

Local Conservation Group Raising Awareness

Let’s face it: Eau Claire is beautiful. And there’s one non-profit group working to keep it that way and help it live up to it’s Clear Water name – River Country Resource Conservation and Development Council (RC&D). The group was previously ...

5 Fun Projects: Turn Trash into Fun

We throw away tons of or trash every week and honestly, a lot of it isn’t so much trash as stuff we just don’t want anymore. Here are five ways to have fun with some of that stuff you’re bored of.

BrightFarms touts rooftop produce system

Wasted space and “food miles.” These are two areas in which most supermarkets, no matter how sustainable their operations try to be, fail to get a green stamp of approval, but one New York company aims to change that.

Food for Thought

it’s high time for a foodie movement documentary series

What started as an idea to show one food film in Menomonie has become an eight-week series both in Menomonie and Eau Claire. Food for Thought is a first of its kind in the Valley...

Sustainability Session Include Solar, Geothermal

At this point, most people have recognized and responded to the ever-increasing need to implement more sustainable practices on a day-to-day basis. And the City of Eau Claire and Eau Claire’s Chamber of Commerce are presenting a series on...

An electric car station in Eau Claire?

B&B Electric is looking into it

It’s electric! Some of you may or may not have heard the gossip about an electric car charging station being brought to Eau Claire. Well, B&B Electric wants to turn this station from rumor to reality.

Want a Local Electric Hotrod?

EnviroTech makes Lightning Electric Cars for purchase

Picture this scenario. You’re sitting in the stands at NASCAR, crowds of people are cheering as engines roar and race cars whiz by. The noises are deafening, but the thrill of seeing those shiny hot rods zoom past your vision is intriguing.