Issue #252 April 17, 2014

Note from the Editor | April 17, 2014

You know those people who always make you feel like you should step up your game a little bit? They set the bar high enough to make you feel like you should probably put more effort into your career, your health, your social life, your hobbies ...

Issue #251 April 3, 2014

Note from the Editor | April 3, 2014

Whew. Glad that’s over. You don’t see a lot of local elections like that one. Thankfully. Obviously we at Volume One were pretty fired up about it all, and of course we’re now thrilled with the outcome. While it’s still not a done ...

Issue #250 March 20, 2014

Viennese Ball

annual social event brings elegance to Davies Center

Note from the Editor | March 20, 2014

We talk a lot in big, sweeping community terms in Volume One – usually about and for the broader population and readership. But right now I’m going to get personal. I know you’re sick of hearing/talking/reading about the Confluence Project ...

Issue #249 March 6, 2014

Help Teens with Less Prepare for Prom Season

A local effort is making sure that, no matter what their financial circumstances, teen girls will be able to say yes to the dress of their dreams. Once Upon a Prom offers prom dresses and accessories to young women in the Chippewa Valley who ...

Note from the Editor | March 6, 2014

Brutal, this winter is. And I thought last year was bad. Tons of snow, consistent deep freezes, and now, on top of more than three months of all that, the entire city is encrusted in a patchwork of solid sheets of ice. The thousands of ...

Issue #248 Feb. 20, 2014

Note from the Editor | Feb. 20, 2014

I recently had the opportunity to spend a full day with a variety of community leaders – members of the Visit Eau Claire board of directors, to which I was recently added, along with other key constituents. It was a strategic planning session ...

Issue #247 Feb. 6, 2014

Note from the Editor | Feb. 6, 2014

Fair warning: If the last couple of years didn’t do it for you, the next four issues of Volume One are going to have a LOT of talk about the Confluence Project. So get ready, it’s time to sit up and pay attention. Recent action by both the ...

Issue #246 Jan. 23, 2014

Note from the Editor | Jan. 23, 2014

While we do cover the entire Chippewa Valley region from Menomonie to Chippewa Falls, we know that we cover downtown Eau Claire sometimes more than its fair share. Of course Eau Claire is the biggest city in the area, so there’s that, but when ...

Issue #245 Jan. 9, 2014

Note from the Editor | Jan. 9, 2014

From where I’m sitting it’s looking like 2014 is going to be a very interesting year in the Chippewa Valley. This is the year we’ll likely find out if the Confluence Project is really coming to life or not, and it could get kinda messy between ...

Issue #244 Dec. 19, 2013

Note from the Editor | Dec. 19, 2013

I’m guessing many of you didn’t see this year’s Clearwater Winter Parade down Water Street, in person or on TV. That’s because it was about three below zero outside that Sunday, Dec. 15 (and 15 below with the wind chill), so you probably wisely ...

Holiday Planner 2013
Issue #243 Dec. 5, 2013
Holiday Handbook 2013

Feed My People Banks on Generosity

Feed My People Food Bank’s mission is right in its name: Feeding the hungry across the region. With the help of its Eau Claire warehouse and a small fleet of refrigerated trucks, the nonprofit group distributes 6 million pounds of food to more ...

Issue #242 Nov. 21, 2013

Feed My People Banks on Generosity

Feed My People Food Bank’s mission is right in its name: Feeding the hungry across the region. With the help of its Eau Claire warehouse and a small fleet of refrigerated trucks, the nonprofit group distributes 6 million pounds of food to more ...

Issue #241 Nov. 7, 2013

Note from the Editor | Nov. 7, 2013

OK, fair warning, Volume One and The Local Store are officially fully geared up for the holidays. Not only do we have our huge holiday catalog inside this very issue (starting on page 27), but I’m also almost embarrassed to say the ...

Issue #240 Oct. 24, 2013

Gather Around the TV for Around the Farm Table

Combine my favorite things: Growing, cooking and eating local food. Downhome, guitar-picking music. All things Wisconsin. There you have Around the Farm Table. The new four-part series premieres on Thursday, Nov. 7, at 7:30pm on Wisconsin ...

Note from the Editor | Oct. 24, 2013

When we first started Volume One more than eleven years ago, I was mostly interested in the music and film sides of our coverage areas. I guess that was because at that time I was in bands and I made films, so that’s more where I was coming from ...

Issue #239 Oct. 10, 2013

Note from the Editor | Oct. 10, 2013

We’ve been experimenting a bit more with live streaming events from the Volume One Gallery online, and archiving them on the website for on-demand viewing as well. We’ve dabbled in this before, but one of the things we’d hoped to do with the ...

Issue #238 Sept. 26, 2013
Issue #237 Sept. 12, 2013

Note from the Editor | Sept. 12, 2013

We recently held the draft for our first-ever Volume One office fantasy football league. I’ll just get it out there right away that I took Aaron Rodgers in the first round. They say you’re supposed to get running backs first, but I wanted at ...

Issue #236 August 29, 2013
Issue #235 August 15, 2013
Issue #231 June 20, 2013

Note from the Editor | June 20, 2013

About 15 months ago when we announced we were moving our office and store to our current spot on North Dewey Street, we had a lot of people say things like, “Oh, a little off the beaten path, eh?” Sure, maybe a little. But we also ...

Issue #230 June 6, 2013

Note from the Editor | June 6, 2013

I love trees. A lot. Even though I knew it was inevitable, it was devastating to see all the mature ash trees along South Barstow Street come down on the first day of construction. It just looks super weird down there now, and startlingly so. All the buildings fully ...

Issue #229 May 23, 2013
Issue #228 May 9, 2013
Issue #227 April 25, 2013
Issue #226 April 11, 2013
Issue #225 Mar. 28, 2013

Note from the Editor | Mar 28, 2013

Nobody cares about somebody else’s vacation. Well, sorry, because I can’t seem to stop myself from talking about my vacation. My real vacation. I say “real” because I haven’t been anywhere outside ...

Issue #224 Mar. 14, 2013

About the Pillow Fight...

Our stewardship of the annual April Fools’ Day celebration draws to a close, but can the ‘will of the people’ keep the five minutes of feathery fury alive?

Issue #223 Feb. 28, 2013

Note from the Editor | Feb. 28, 2013

At V1, this past year has been one where everything needed to get figured out all over again. It’s like when you move into a new house or apartment – you have to determine which closets and drawers will hold what and how it all flows, etc. Or when...

Happy 141st, Eau Claire!

you’re invited to a birthday bash for our fair city featuring music, improv, poetry, film, bingo, and cake

Issue #222 Feb. 14, 2013

Note from the Editor | Feb. 14, 2013

Last week Volume One held it’s first Contributor Hangout/Meeting in quite sometime. About 25 writers, photographers, and V1 staff of all ages gathered in the Volume One Gallery to chow some pizza and imbibe some beer, all the while talking about ...

Issue #221 Jan. 31, 2013

Isabelle Goes Online

Isabelle & Co. has moved out of their spot in the mall that they have occupied since 2011 and will be operating in a bit of different space for the near future: online and in the form of a pop-up shop. An announcement on the Isabelle & Co. ...

Issue #220 Jan. 17, 2013

Note from the Editor | Jan. 17, 2013

We recently started a new thing at the Volume One office for 2013. It’s called TED Talk Tuesdays. The first Tuesday of the month, late in the day, our staff gathers in the V1 Gallery to have a beer and watch a “TED Talk” or a similarly interesting...

Issue #219 Dec. 27, 2012

Note from the Editor | Dec. 27, 2012

Now that our first holiday season in the new Local Store is nearly complete, we want to thank everyone who came to shop or to one of the many events we held throughout November and December. We had some really great days and nights filled with ...

Issue #218 Dec. 13, 2012

Note from the Editor | Dec. 13, 2012

You’ll notice in the opening letter for this issue that we’ve added a new voice to the staff of Volume One. As of this week, we’re excited to welcome Tom Giffey to our staff of editors. While he’s new to our pages, there are a number of ways ...

Issue #217 Nov. 29, 2012

Note from the Editor | Nov. 29, 2012

The staff at Volume One and The Local Store wanted to give a huge thanks to the hundreds of you who came out to support the store not only on Small Business Saturday (November 24th) but the whole “Black Friday” weekend in general. We were busy all...

Issue #216 Nov. 15, 2012

Note from the Editor | Nov. 15, 2012

Whether you’re ready for it or not, it’s with this issue we officially declare it the Holiday Season in the Chippewa Valley. Tucked inside the latest issue you should have found our annual Holiday Handbook packed with info on ways ...

Issue #215 Nov. 1, 2012

Note from the Editor | Nov. 1, 2012

It’s cool to watch little sub-scenes of the local cultural landscape develop. Not all of them last – like the most recent (and short) rise and fall of cut-n-paste zines in the early 2000s (certainly caving to the ease of blogging), or the poetry ...

Issue #214 Oct. 18, 2012

Note from the Editor | Oct. 18, 2012

It is with a heavy (fake-blood-covered) heart that I report Volume One will not be hosting our famed “Tunnel of Terror” during this year’s downtown trick or treating event (Wednesday, Oct 31 from 3-5pm). The obvious reason for this is that we’re ...

Issue #213 Oct. 4, 2012

Note from the Editor | Oct. 4, 2012

Every year this thing seems to get bigger – more categories, more votes, and more fun. It’s the results of the Volume One Best of the Valley Reader Poll! You’ll notice this issue looks a little different than usual. That’s because we’ve ditched ...

Issue #212 Sept. 20, 2012

Catherine Emmanuelle Named Newest City Council Woman

A seat lay open in the Eau Claire City Council that needed to be filled. Catherine Emmanuelle, an activist hailing from Oakland, California, will fill that space. She graduated from UW-Eau Claire in 2011 with a bachelor’s degree in Women’s ...

Issue #211 Sept. 6, 2012

Note from the Editor | Sept. 6, 2012

We just set up a pretty swank little coffee/tea station in our kitchen at the V1 office. I’ve never been a coffee drinker myself. I think I tried it once when I was twelve and never had the desire to try it again. But now that we’ve put in this ...

Issue #210 Aug. 23, 2012

Note from the Editor | Aug. 23, 2012

This past weekend must have been an eight-year-old boy’s dream. With both Big Rigs and Barnstormers making their way around Eau Claire at the same time, the excitement of flashy paint jobs and big engines was a little contagious to even an ...

Issue #209 Aug. 9, 2012

Note from the Editor | Aug. 9, 2012

So as it is in many places across the country, it’s construction season in Eau Claire. I likely don’t have to tell you this – there’s a significant chance one of your routes to and from home has some sort of detour going on right now. It’s as much...

Issue #207 July 12, 2012

Note from the Editor | July 12, 2012

OK, here it is. My final mention of Volume One’s big move, new gallery, store re-opening, and all that. You’ve been patient while following our progress, and this issue can officially mark the end of me going on and on about where we’re at on it ...

Issue # 206 June 28, 2012

Note from the Editor | June 28, 2012

I’d like to recommend to you an often over-looked entertainment option as you plan your evenings and weekends going forward: The Art Reception. Even if you’re not “into art,” stick with me for a minute. Let me start with this: free food. Yes, art ...

Issue # 205 June 14, 2012

Note from the Editor | June 14, 2012

Settling into a new space – whether it’s your apartment, home, or office – can be both an exciting and exhausting task. And both are true in the case of the V1 staff moving into our new spot at 205 N. Dewey. We’re all moved in now, but ...

Issue #204 May 31, 2012

Parade of Homes

Now let me say up front so it doesn’t get your hopes up: A parade of homes doesn’t mean the homes are coming to you. But, don’t worry, it’s still really cool.

Issue #203 May 17, 2012

Wisconsin Museum Week

Between May 13 and May 20, a great holiday comes to Wisconsin: Wisconsin Museums Week. Our own Chippewa Valley Museum will be celebrating with buy one, get one free admission on May 19 and 20 and scavenger hunts all through the week. And, as just ...

Note from the Editor | May 17, 2012

"I just wanted to make a couple of announcements related to Volume One’s many summer events. You’ll see in this issue we’re announcing the sizable line-up for the 7th season of the Sounds Like Summer Concert Series. With the weather so nice for ... "

Issue #202 May 3, 2012

Pollinators Assemble!

Partnerships for Pollinators is a new community organization comprised of organizations such as UWEC, Eau Claire Area Master Gardeners, Beaver Creek Reserve and Citizen Science Center, and the Girl Scouts. Their goal is to build a ...

Note from the Editor | May 3, 2012

"I love the springtime burst of energy this town seems to have each year – downtown in particular. It seems if you get even a mildly nice day, people pour onto the sidewalks and trails – whether they’re on bikes, boards, blades, or simply on ... "

Issue #201 Apr. 19, 2012

Note from the Editor | April 19, 2012

"Well we had a great couple of weeks, and we want to thank the many people and organizations that reached out to congratulate us on our 10-year anniversary, special issue, and upcoming move. The warm fuzzies were abundant for our staff as we ... "

Issue #199 Mar. 22, 2012

How Sports Affects Politics and Vice-Versa

To this point I think the bridge between sports and politics existed somewhere in Minnesota when Jesse Ventura became governor. But sportswriter Dave Zirin will be bringing the next chapter in a talk at UW-Eau Claire’s Forum Series ...

Folk Studies

new UW-Eau Claire course explores roots of folk rock

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