Nothing is certain in life, the old saying goes, but death and taxes. And we’ll admit that, under most circumstances, neither subject is very uplifting to talk about. They can be pretty boring topics, too: Skimming through a stack of IRS paperwork may make you wish you were dead, and that’s even before you find out what you owe.

Nonetheless, both death and taxes – and the financial and legal intersection of the two – are critical topics for all of us. Making sure we’ve planned well, financially and otherwise, can ease our anxiety and make our lives more comfortable and fulfilling ... at least until the inevitable happens. Until then, you’ve got this guide.

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Free Tax Help

volunteer income tax assistance open to qualifying taxpayers

Take the Long View

we spend most of our time worrying about financial factors we can’t change

Final Decisions

planning for your funeral can be hard to begin, but it’s ultimately rewarding

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