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Cart and Soul

Soul Brewed mobile coffee finds a home in downtown Eau Claire

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The Coffee King: the UWEC grad behind Seattle’s Best

Jim Stewart didn’t always love coffee. In fact, as a UW-Eau Claire student in the 1960s, he generally avoided the stuff. “It was just nauseating,” he recalls now. “I didn’t like it.” He does remember one cup he enjoyed, however, a mug of java he drank in his kitchen ...

Honestly Good Coffee

expertly slow-roasted beans at Honest Roast

When it comes to coffee, everyone has a different opinion. Some prefer it black, some prefer a little coffee with their creamer, and some go for the fancy syrups and Splenda packets. But regardless of your preferences of half-and-half ...

Acoustic Café: Still Rocking

downtown EC hangout celebrates 20th year

Tucked on a corner in downtown Eau Claire, a well-known café where people of all ages and backgrounds gather for a refreshing meal, a cup of coffee, or to listen to some good music and catch up with friends, is celebrating its 20th anniversary ...

History Served Hot: Evolutions in Coffee

Why do we love coffee so much here in the Chippewa Valley? It could be in the water – literally.

Long before words like “espresso” and “latte” entered everyday English, long before there was a coffee shop on every corner, and long before every gas station featured a “cappuccino” dispenser, coffee was an integral part of Chippewa Valley ...

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