Fri. Nov. 3rd, 2017

Grocery Wars: 1998–2017

We went a little nuts and decided to trace the comings and goings of Eau Claire’s grocery stores over the years, from 1998 through the present. Watch it and see how ...

Loud Whispers

Thu. Nov. 2nd, 2017

Measha Vieth, photos by Luong Huynh

They lure you in with short and sweet, grungy alt rock songs. Lyrics reflecting experiences at bars and concerts. Local favorite The Jaggernauts are here to party! It’s been a few years since their last album ...

FEATURE: Getting to Know Eau Claire One Sketch at a Time

Thu. Nov. 2nd, 2017

Eric Christenson

Nishant Jain could’ve been a mechanical engineer or a neuroscientist, but his true passion lies in his artwork. He’s been all over the world: Born, raised, and educated in India, he moved to Europe and got his master’s degree in the Netherlands ...

Creating the Future

Tue. Oct. 31st, 2017

Tom Giffey, photos by Andrea Paulseth

The rise in prominence of music and other creative arts in the Chippewa Valley is yesterday’s news. So what does the future hold for the creative economy in the Eau Claire area?

Video Game Nostalgia Leads to Father-Son Business

Tue. Oct. 31st, 2017

Marie Anthony, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Some people want their two front teeth for Christmas. Stuart Sandler of Eau Claire wanted a Pitfall! shadowbox. “I’m a child of the ’80s. I grew up during the height of Atari and Nintendo (the first NES), and I loved the game Pitfall,” he reminisced. “I wanted to be like David Crane, the guy who programmed the game.”

An Evening With Hiss Golden Messenger

photos by Lee Butterworth

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An Evening With Hiss Golden Messenger at the Lismore Hotel on Friday, October 27 saw singer M.C. Taylor fresh off his latest studio album release, Hallelujah Anyhow. The band features artists Phil Cook and Mike Lewis, and the show pulled in special guest Justin Vernon ...

City Council Vote Grabs National Headlines

Fri. Oct. 27th, 2017

by Lauren Fisher

After months of positive press coverage concerning Eau Claire’s economic and cultural growth, we find ourselves in the beam of national attention once again – but for something far more divisive. Through The Associated Press, hundreds of outlets, including the New York Times and Washington Post ...

Fri. Oct. 27th, 2017

"Snowflakes as Big as Donuts" – First Snowfall, 2017

From David Brier, just outside of Menomonie ... "The flakes were so big. I was quick to grab my iPhone and capture snowflakes so big, they practically required their own ZIP codes. It was the first snow of this season on October 27 ..."

Four New Fast Food Spots on the Menu for Eau Claire

Mon. Oct. 23rd, 2017

V1 Staff

Eau Claire is about to get a fry of a lot better, with the expected opening of four new fast food chains in the next couple weeks! From hamburgers to coffee and from donuts to sandwiches ...

Growing From the Ground Up

Fri. Oct. 20th, 2017

Christopher Hayden

In the more remote environs of the Chippewa Valley, out of earshot of recording studios and far off the beaten bike trails, another kind of renaissance is growing. A loosely knit community of gritty entrepreneurs, dedicated to producing retail products ...

Hobby Lobby Coming to Oakwood Mall in 2018

Thu. Oct. 19th, 2017

Mike Paulus

In case you've been wondering what will occupy the former Macy’s building at Oakwood Mall, here's a press release from the mall to tell you that very thing ...