4 New Summer Music Series in the Chippewa Valley

Thu. Jun. 13th, 2019

V1 Staff, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Chippewa Vallians can enjoy free outdoor music six of seven days a week with the addition of FOUR new summer music concert series. From university talent to country crooners, there’s a little something for everyone ...

Muralize It: Local artist adds color to the new Brewing Projekt

Thu. Jun. 13th, 2019

Lauren Fisher, photos by Andrea Paulseth

You might have noticed a new splash of color creeping across the side of the Brewing Projekt (1807 N. Oxford Ave.) in recent days. A ginormous hops bud floats mid-scene between a galaxy motif and a burst of high-contrast pigment ...

PHOTO FEATURE: 24 hours. Six photographers. One day of life in the Chippewa Valley.

Wed. Jun. 12th, 2019

photos by Andrea Paulseth, Branden Nall, Luong Huynh, Taylor Smith, Timothy Mather, Lee Butterworth

On Friday, May 31, we sent a team of photographers out into the many nooks and crannies of the Chippewa Valley to document one full day – from midnight to midnight – with help from our friends at CoLab. Through snapshots of local life, we hope this feature communicates the people and places of this area ...

How Wisconsin "Lost" Michigan's Upper Peninsula

Mon. Jun. 10th, 2019

James Johonnott

It's (kind of) common knowledge in Wisconsin that what is now Michigan's upper peninsula was once part of America's dairyland, and was somehow ceded our eastern neighbors. But just like most common knowledge, this isn't quite as true ...

Eau Claire's New Fight Against Homelessness

Thu. May. 30th, 2019

Julian Emerson, photos by Andrea Paulseth, Julian Emerson

Eighteen months ago, Kathleen Kinnee finally felt like her life had reached a happy place, or at least a happier place than she had known for some time ...

Rosy’s Texas Outpost

Mon. May. 6th, 2019

Rebecca Mennecke

Featuring tacos, super tacos, burritos, super burritos, chips and cheese, taco salad, and fiesta chips, you won’t walk away hungry from Rosy’s Texas Outpost this year at their first Food Truck Friday ...

Local Landmark May Become Tavern

Mon. May. 6th, 2019

Nathan Hopp

Eau Claire is a city home to many historic buildings and landmarks, including the Carson Park Baseball Stadium, the Chippewa Valley Museum, the Barnes Block, and many beautiful Victorian-era homes ...