Orchid Eaton: Eau Claire born-and-bred

Eric Christenson

You’re gonna want to keep tabs on Orchid Eaton, a new project from Eau Claire born-and-bred native Matthew Leavitt, formerly of EMOT. It’s a stark basement pop project that features another local native Brian Moen (Shouting Matches, Laarks, Peter Wolf Crier) that was recorded over a few late nights on scattered laptop screens. You can listen to their first single now. It’s called “1:37” and its accompanying visuals make for a psychedelic voyage into these fresh sounds. “I recorded these basement pop songs by myself during work days and late nights when my daughter was sleeping,” Leavitt says. “No click track or punch-ins were used in the making of this record. You’ll be guaranteed to hear the creak, shuffle, slide, and warp.” The duo put together a full length at Justin Vernon’s April Base Studio this fall, with the intention of releasing it in 2018, so be on the lookout. You can hear the songs in a cool live setting first, though, at the band’s upcoming show at The Oxbow on Dec. 1. To learn more and listen to “1:37,” head to orchideaton.bandcamp.com.