Chalkfest 2009: Chalking It Up (Gallery 1)

Mon. Aug. 10th, 2009  |  Nick Meyer, photos by OJ Hornung

Saturday, August 8, saw Volume One’s Chalkfest 2009 (part of downtown Eau Claire’s Summerfest event). This year’s Chalkfest brought 75 artists to Eau Claire’s Wilson Park for a firestorm of creativity – 56 panels of sidewalk became concrete canvases for the artists, most of whom were locals. Juried awards were given for Best Youth Individual, Best Youth Group, Best Adult Individual, Best Adult Group, and Audience Choice. This year’s event weathered a number of storms and rainfalls, but the park was packed all day long with people viewing the art and enjoying the side activities, food, music, and fun.

These photos were taken before the rain came and shows you a good number of this year’s entries if various states of completion.

Shots by Jeff Hornung & Nick Meyer