Car lovers all over the Chippewa Valley are a rare breed. They're passionate enough to invest their lives into their cars (or their collections of cars). They preserve history, honor the future, and respect each other as a community. This section highlights all the crazy car clubs and the spirit behind their passion. Get behind the wheel, turn the key, and let it rev! Enjoy!

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Chasing Tail Lights

when I was in fifth grade, my brother’s muscle car was the coolest ride in town

Shark Attack!

an Eau Claire man’s dream car is now one of the show circuit’s hottest hot rods

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Must Be a Volkswagen

Chippewa Valley Volkswagen Club president talks all things VW

Many people know Volkswagens by some of their more unique models such as the Beetle or the classic VW Bus. But for a group of a few dozen Chippewa Valley folks ...

The Speed Started Here

Menomonie native Harry Miller’s innovative engines dominated the Indy 500 for decades

One of the greatest innovators in the history of auto racing was born right here in the Chippewa Valley. Unless you’re a devoted student of the history of early racing, you probably haven’t heard of Harry Miller ...

On the Fast Track

up-and-coming Wisconsin NASCAR driver is also a UW-Stout student

The college years are a time of career setting: Your life has led to this point to establish your plan for adulthood. For Paige Decker of Eagle River, the path to UW-Stout and ...

The Older the Better

the community of the Indianhead old car club preserves and honors all kinds of old automobiles

The Indianhead Old Car Club is another automotive group that started in the 1960s. Back then, the club had nine members; that number has grown to 75 members today, four of whom have been involved since the club’s beginning in 1965. The club ...

Restoration Complete

The crew over at Fast Freddie’s Rod Shop recently completed the restoration of a 1930s-era school bus. Eau Claire’s Student Transit commissioned owner Fred Kappus and his team to fix up the vintage bus. ECST owned the bus since the 1970s when ...

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