Car lovers all over the Chippewa Valley are a rare breed. They're passionate enough to invest their lives into their cars (or their collections of cars). They preserve history, honor the future, and respect each other as a community. This section highlights all the crazy car clubs and the spirit behind their passion. Get behind the wheel, turn the key, and let it rev! Enjoy!

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Salty, but Safe: Keeping roads passable through winter

Now that we’re climbing out of the throes of winter and the roads are clearing up, we can reflect on surviving another several months of icy highways, thanks in great part to county highway departments. In Eau ...

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A Passion - Not a Hobby

president of Wisconsin Car Enthusiast Club talks the future of Midwest car collectors

A car might be just a car to some people, something to get them to work, to home, and to places in-between, but to the president of the Wisconsin Car Enthusiast Club, Alex Martinez, cars ...

Chasing Tail Lights

when I was in fifth grade, my brother’s muscle car was the coolest ride in town

At age 17, circa 1981, my brother Don set his sights on a Midnight Blue 1964 Chevelle SS Malibu.

Shark Attack!

an Eau Claire man’s dream car is now one of the show circuit’s hottest hot rods

Like its aquatic namesake, the Shark is impressive to read about. And, like its namesake, it’s even more impressive when you’re face to fin with it ...

Must Be a Volkswagen

Chippewa Valley Volkswagen Club president talks all things VW

Many people know Volkswagens by some of their more unique models such as the Beetle or the classic VW Bus. But for a group of a few dozen Chippewa Valley folks ...

The Speed Started Here

Menomonie native Harry Miller’s innovative engines dominated the Indy 500 for decades

One of the greatest innovators in the history of auto racing was born right here in the Chippewa Valley. Unless you’re a devoted student of the history of early racing, you probably haven’t heard of Harry Miller ...

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