Bottom's Up!

online critics rave about our local brews

Tom Giffey

It’s one thing for us to say that we make great beer in the Chippewa Valley. It’s another thing to back up our claim by pointing to judgments by some of the thousands of users at two top beer-rating websites. So we checked out how our brews stacked up on and – both of which feature millions of reviews of tens of thousands of beers. We learned that, at least according to the considered opinions of beer connoisseurs the world over, we do make great beer.

Here, according to these websites, are the top-rated beers from our local brewers. BeerAdvocate rates beers on a 100-point scale; anything above 75 is deemed “good” while those above 85 are “very good.” RateBeer also uses a 100-point scale, but offers no qualitative categories. However, many of our region’s standout brews are in the high 80s and 90s on RateBeer, so it’s safe to say that beer lovers really do love ’em.

Leinenkugel’s (Chippewa Falls)

Big Eddy Russian Imperial Stout
BeerAdvocate: 87 (very good)
RateBeer: 99 overall / 90 style

Rush River (River Falls)

Über Alt (Altbier)
BeerAdvocate: 89 (very good)

Nevermore Chocolate Oatmeal Stout (Sweet Stout)
RateBeer: 91 overall / 86 style

Angry Minnow (Hayward)

River Pig Pale Ale (American Pale Ale)
BeerAdvocate: 83 (good)

Angry Minnow Tre Svends Imperial IPA
RateBeer: 89 overall / 46 style

Lazy Monk (Eau Claire)

Lazy Monk Bohemian Dark Lager
RateBeer: 77 overall / 98 style

Lucette (Menomonie)

Slow Hand (American Stout)
BeerAdvocate: 89 (very good)
RateBeer: 83 overall / 76 style

Ride Again (American Pale Ale)
BeerAdvocate: 89 (very good)
RateBeer: 85 overall / 98 style

Sand Creek Brewing Co. (Black River Falls)

Sand Creek Imperial Porter
BeerAdvocate: 88 (very good)
RateBeer: 98 overall / 79 style

Dave’s BrewFarm (Wilson)

BrewFarm Select  (American Pale Lager)
BeerAdvocate: 87 (very good)