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Caring Pregnancy Community

She got ready to leave the house without the diaper bags, strollers, and bottles – for once. She said goodbye to her three-year-old and nine-month-old twins. She was feeling a little queasy and was looking forward ...

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Tips on Capturing Your Baby's Timeless Moments

Eau Claire-based photographer Laci Eberle advises parents to keep their baby awake for two hours before a photo session. This way, the newborn will be sleeping sweetly – not wriggling angrily – when it’s time for the close-up.

Reading to a Baby Adds Up

sharing 1,000 books before kindergarten encourages future literacy

Your baby may not be old enough for their own library card, but that doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy books. Everyone is welcome at your local public library ...

Fertility 101

what to expect when you’re not expecting … yet

It’s time to have a baby and birth control gets left behind. Months go by and nothing has happened. One period after another and no pregnancy or even a positive pregnancy test. It’s a scenario ...

Choosing Home Birth

some women discover that delivering at home is an empowering option

Parenthood is full of decisions that must be made. Today, parents have several choices as to where they will deliver their babies, and what skilled care providers ...

Tiny Moments

tips on capturing newborns from a top local baby photographer

If you think nervous brides and grooms are finicky photo subjects, have you ever tried photographing a temperamental baby?

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