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Jim Falls Whitewater Runs through It

a local group can serve as your resource for paddling safety and opportunities in the area

Not many people here in Eau Claire know that they live in a land writhing with raging rivers just begging to be tamed by fearless whitewater kayakers and canoeists. A local group called Jim Falls Whitewater has created a blog and resource page in ...

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Along for the Ride

Chippewa Valley ATVers: the best club on four wheels

With the lack of snowfall these past few winters, many outdoor hounds have had to keep their skis, snowshoes, and snowmobiles in storage, praying that in nine months we’ll see powder again. But one group you won’t hear complaining is the Chippewa ...

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Scenic Routes

avid cyclists tell us their favorite hidden gem stretches

One of my favorite biking segments is a little loop called Sky Hawk Drive. It’s in a residential area just west of N. Clairemont Ave. I like it because it’s a quiet road (a neighborhood, rather) and, if I remember correctly, the loop is a gradual ...

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