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Just Letting It Snow

how Mother Nature tracked me down and demanded I have a white Christmas

There we were, standing right outside the door – a family of deer frozen in the headlights – and all around us, falling from the sky, was snow. In Texas. And this particular family of deer was dressed in shorts and flip-flops.

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A Local Holiday Music Compilation

the fifth edition of this fun project deserves your yuletide attention

I start humming Christmas tunes sometime in February and don’t stop until the hangover sets in on January 1. Xmas tunes were such a part of my youth – caroling the nursing home circuit, Charlie Brown TV specials, wandering around the...

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Skating Through Your Holidays

Hobbs Ice Center hosts three festive events this winter including skating with Santa

Have you ever noticed that every musical, movie, or TV show with a kidsy angle is made that much more awesome by adding the phrase “on ice?” Think about it. Disney On Ice: genius. Sesame Street On Ice: brilliant.

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Take the Plunge

Get warm fuzzy charity feelings at the same time as frozen fingers at the Polar Plunge

Want to prove yourself as a true Wisconsinite? Want to help the Special Olympics? Why not do the Polar Plunge? At Half Moon Lake on February 26, 2012, individuals and teams will jump into three feet of icy cold water to raise money for...

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A Buy Local Gift Guide (2011)

Here’s an idea: why not pepper this year’s “gifts to buy” list with a number of fine items crafted right here in the good ol’ Chippewa Valley? It’s fun, thoughtful, and it helps contribute to the place you call home. And with the following guide, it’

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Local Letters to Santa (2011)

colorful correspondence between area folks and the big, bearded guy

Sorry, but I was just sitting here thinking … Is this about the Three Brothers/Laredos/Pink Pig/Dakota Grill/Klassix building? I know you were a big fan of all the restaurants at that place. You know that wasn’t my fault, right?

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A Rare Interview with Mrs. Claus

We all know that the guy in the red suit is the one who delivers the goods to the underside of our trees on Christmas. And every holiday season he gets all the press. Well who would he be without that charming lady on his right arm helping out?

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Kid Stories: A Day in the Life of Santa

what local third graders think Santa does at the North Pole each day

“Santa missed lunch and breakfast, then he ate one of the back-up reindeer. Some of the reindeer got so mad that they started a snowball fight.” – Vincent Trapani, Manz Elementary

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Kid Stories: Holiday Dinnertime

what local third graders would serve for a holiday dinner

"I had a turke. I cooked the turke. He said “Don’t eat me! I’ma good turke.” He watched TV with my dad. He played with me and four weeks later he died." – Jordan, Locust Lane

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Make Yourself a Merry Little Truffle

Obsession Chocolates’ head honcho chocolatier Rebecca Flynn gives a lesson on making truffles

Before we get started, you should know that tempering chocolate is the difficult part of this process. When I teach this truffle lesson in Chocolate 101 at our downtown location (18 S Barstow St.), we spend a good chunk of time going into the ...

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