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Asian Seafood

Asia Palace

An extensive Asian buffet featuring all-you-can-eat sushi, a full bar, and enough food to send you home full. Try the crayfish, coconut shrimp, and egg rolls. They also have a salad bar, prime rib, steak, pizza, and other American choices. ...

4069 Commonwealth Ave., Eau Claire, WI

Reviews 66

3.46 stars


Asian Café

A calming, quiet place specializing in dishes from southeastern Asia, including China, Thailand, and Laos, the Asian Café uses fresh ingredients to prepare dishes right when they are ordered. Try the Pad Thai or the egg rolls, which are stu...

2121 Eddy Lane, Eau Claire, WI

Reviews 17

4.08 stars

Bar & Grill


Brewski’s Pub & Grill is located in the Plaza Hotel & Suites. Though known for its casual atmosphere, Brewski’s offers a full dinner menu. Happy hour runs from 4 to 7pm on weekdays, featuring excellent food and drink specials. Friendly bartenders, a great atmosphere...

1202 W. Clairemont Ave., Eau Claire, WI

Reviews 2

3.50 stars
160 total

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