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Yankee Jack's

My better half and I stopped Friday evening after work for their fish. Very busy and friendly. The place reminded me a little of the old television program Cheers. Food and service was great. ...


Eau Claire Fusion

Just tried a shake for the first time today. LOVED IT!! Great product, Awesome staff. Gonna try this on a regular basis!!


Dunn Bros. Coffee

I liked Gloria Jeans icy drinks, those ones that are blended. This coffee shop has something like them, pretty close to taste. I got the mocha "ice crema". It tasted really good. Funny calling ...


Dunn Bros. Coffee

Stopped into Dunn Brothers today, had to try their coffee. It was actually really good. They said it was roasted last saturday and I thought that was awesome. Would recommend!


Smiling Moose Deli

I like it. I would have never known it was there, but one of my co-workers suggested it, and it's great. A mini Mighty Mo fits in my diet plan (I'm diabetic,) but still tastes unbelievably ...

Teresa Ryan

Dana's Bar & Grill - Eau Claire

My husband went to a movie at the theater, and decided to get a bite to eat after. BIG MISTAKE!! We sat waiting for a waitress for at least 15 mins, she finally stopped by AFTER she took the ...

Bill Hopkins

Mahli Thai Asian Cuisine

Revisited last week and very impressed. Last visit was shortly after opening. Service, organization, and food prep all lagged then. Food is superior now, both red and green curries sport the ...


Geno's Pizza

Fantastic Pizza! Better than Sammy's now a days for sure!



Only been to this Denny's once. Service was slow, wait staff forgot parts of the order, even after being reminded and we seemed to spend a large portion of our time waving away the flies that ...


Bug Eyed Betty's

Can't get enough of those sweet potato fries!! The fish tacos were outstanding, great flavor, a little kick but not too much (and I'm a pansy - I find medium salsa to be quite spicy). Why pay ...


The Olympic Flame

We love this place, I am sure it's too simple for the "BIG POCKETS" in this town...But it has amazing service, friendly staff and owner, and the BEST FOOD. You have to go and ORDER the Gyro ...


Pizza Ranch

Best Chicken in town and if they don't have a Pizza you like on the buffet they will make one and bring it to your table and you get first dibs! Yummy salad bar that is fresh, place is always ...


Sammy’s Pizza Restaurant & Pub

As I work downtown we always went to Sammy's for the Lunch Buffet. We miss that down here...then the just kept the London Square location. UGH! Lunch buffet price sky rocketed and pizza is always ...


Galloway Grille

Have eaten here a handful of times with Family...Breakfast before or after the Farmers Market and Lunch with the Boss. I have found that the lunch staff is always frantic, like they need more ...


The Lodge

Well...Multiple Strikes HERE! The Owner is a DOUCHE! Not only if he is not your friend, but if he has an itch against you...whew! Watch out....I want to like this place besides the owner. But ...


Girolamo’s Court 'n House

Great burgers, great fish, good wings...sometimes they are slightly fatty and undercooked! We love to come for Fish, the only thing that holds us back is sometimes the Owner...she is not always ...


Smiling Moose Deli

We have eaten here for lunch a few times and more for Breakfast when we visit the Farmer's market. Great sandwiches, just wish the staff were alittle more friendly and customer oriented! If you ...


Johnny's Pizza Shop

Great Pizza, calzones, salads....They have awesome sauce and dressing. I like the place it's open and great location for an easy lunch or Pizza pick up. The owner needs to be more Customer ...


Fired Up Pizza Company

Love this Place...Atmosphere could use some work, but besides that! Great menu with great choices. I love to go here for lunch and get a small salad and split a pizza with Friends. The ...


Eau Claire Ale House

We have tried this place more than once....We always feel like things deserve a 3 strike rule! Well....XXX! Poor service, rude staff, foul mouth cooks, slow service and something is always ...


Taverna Grill



Bug Eyed Betty's

This place is awesome. Wait staff is welcoming and friendly. The happy hour deals are great and the food is even better. I try something new each time I go and I'm never disappointed! I've ...


The Rumor Mill Pub & Eatery

Husband ordered me pasta to from here. 17 dollars for Alfredo with chicken and broccoli (he didn't notice the "add on" charges on the menu until it was too late). Chicken was diced and tasted ...


Sakura Japanese Cuisine

I have eaten here twice for lunch and once for dinner. It did not disappoint!! I enjoyed the atmosphere and ambiance of the set up. Staff were friendly and helpful. My new favorite place for ...


The Goat Coffee House

The Goat Coffee House is the best! Awesome soups and Panini's. Great atmosphere and the coffee drinks are wonderful.


Taqueria la Poblanita

Visited last night for the first time and had trouble deciding what to order. I wanted to try everything! The chips and 3 salsas were absouletly delicious, very fresh tasting. My favorite was ...


Taverna Grill

Was extremely disappointed when on a recent beautiful Saturday evening we were told outside seating was only for drinks - no dinners served outside. We were seated inside but before our waiter ...



Taqueria la Poblanita

Simple. This place is great! Reminds me of my 3 months in Mexico many years ago. If you want real, this is it.



Our Sunday night ritual! The grandkids love it.


Bug Eyed Betty's

Relaxed atmosphere, friendly wait staff and great food. There was some inconsistency of food quality at first but our recent experiences have been fantastic. We love their pizzas, burgers and ...


Noodle TeaHouse

I eat here way to much! They should be 10x busier because of how good the food is. This is the new Volume 1 best kept secret in town.


Sakura Japanese Cuisine

Went here last Friday night with my wife, brother and sister-in-law. You wouldn't even know this place was a former Wendy's except for the remaining drive-thru sign in the back of the parking ...

Sharon Capek

Famous Dave's Bar-B-Que

I love this place! Food is great but check out their cheese curds. The best!


Horizons Lounge & Banquet Center

Could the service be any slower??? Came here when they first opened and not impressed. Decided to try again tonight......service was s-l-o-w-e-r than slow. Ordered pasta marinara with ...


LaGrander's Drive-In

The food is delicious and the service is absolutely wonderful!


Egg Roll Plus

It seems like every time I try to enjoy this place, the same thing happens all the time. Service is really poor. Waited 10 mins to be seated, and while waiting, customers who came were seated ...


Bug Eyed Betty's

Appreciated the "different" menu, our meal was good. However, when we drove up to the place, the outside of the building makes you think the place is deserted....weeds overgrowing the landscaping, ...


Eau Claire Ale House

Got our menus, ordered our drinks right away, waited 20 minutes with nobody returning to our table while others that got there after us were served. Not sure how the food was because we walked ...


Taverna Grill

Not a review of the restaurant (which is great) but of your review. I called them on the phone to make reservations for the Sunday Brunch. They say they have never had a Sunday Brunch. Thanks V1.


Noodle TeaHouse

I always say the best pho broth needs no extra seasonings and this was it! Best pho broth in town! Great prices too.


Fired Up Pizza Company

crust was burned so black that it broke into pieces and crumbled on my plate. Ice machine in soda vending machines were both empty.... slow service (probably because they forgot my pizza and it ...


Maple Lounge & Café

By far the best breakfast in town. Fast, wonderful servers. Delicious food. Great bloody mary's. Very inexpensive for absolutely good home cooked food!

Jessie H.

Eau Claire Ale House

Don't let these reviews fool you. All the 5 star reviews are from the owners or friends of the owners. This is my honest review: Food is very mediocre, fine to eat if you just want to go there ...


High Shores Supper Club

Went here for our anniversary with hesitation because we had a bad steak the last time we were there about a year prior. My husband and I both ordered a rare steak and it wasn't even slightly ...


Albertville Tavern

Ribs were fatty, BBQ sauce was extremely sweet and the prime rib was dry.


Muang Thai

Very good. We will definitely go back. Prices reasonable and the food did not seem to be laden with sodium like some Asian restaurant food is.


Tokyo Japanese Restaurant

Go for the yasai lunch. It is in expensive and delicious. It includes tea and that wonderful salad.


Noodle TeaHouse

This place is awesome! First time I've ever had pho, and it won't be the last! I highly recommend the honey lemonade tea, very refreshing!


Bresina’s Hometown Bar and Grill

I don't write a lot of reviews on here, but after getting a job in a restaurant myself, I definitely recognize amazing customer service and food. First time we ate here, we had burgers and ...