Family Farms Market

Fantastic Friday fish fry. The fish is not unlimited, but access to the buffet is. It's got salad, buttery rosemary potatoes, rotini pasta salad, loaded potato salad, breadsticks, and grilled ...


Caribou Coffee

Amazing. I spend every Sunday morning, sitting there studying. I get great smiles , warm reception, and amazing coffee.


Blind Munchies

Food is good and the coffee is great. As a UW Stout student, they had really cheap breakfasts (like 2 bucks) every Saturday and was a great place to study. The volunteers are also really friendly ...


Taqueria la Poblanita

Clean, authentic, friendly, fairly-priced, and DELICIOUS! Some weeks I've gone there 5 times and had a different dish each time. When I go out of town for work, I can hardly wait to get back for ...


Bug Eyed Betty's Half Moon Saloon

Food is good. Staff is friendly and quirky. Crazy good deals like Mondays any gourmet burger $5, and "halfy" hour, where apps are 1/2 price. They are good for full price, but, if you time it ...


Norske Kitchen and Kro

We've been here the last couple Fridays for fish fry. The food was amazing and the service was incredible both times! And they actually interacted and paid attention to our toddler in a friendly ...


Dogg Haus

Fantastic Food, service, and all around fun place to be. Good music, and good food.


Burgundy’s Restaurant

We ate their buffet last Friday night. I loved it! They had baked & deep fried fish, meatballs, beef & a pork, all GREAT! They only had mashed potatoes for a potato choice, but they ...


Dogg Haus

Great atmosphere. Awesome place for those late night munchies.

Diane Altmann

Mayo Clinic Cafeteria

My husband and I love the cafeteria. We ate there all the while I was receiving radiation and later learned that it is open to the public. The setting over-looking the garden and patio area is ...


Thirsty Badger Sports Bar & Grill

VERY tasty Friday Fish Dinner! LOVE that it's a lightly 'breaded' fish served with fries, slaw & marble rye. We have also tried the burger (YUM!) & the nacho platter which is very good ...


The French Press

I just had a scone and a cafe au lait at this place and it was awesome. I will definitely be back for a full scale breakfast or lunch soon!



It's all crap...including the FREE cold oil-slicked chips and salsa for "Stripes" members! Never going here again. I'll make my own Jack Daniel's sauce at home.


The French Press

Went here with my wife recently for a weekday breakfast/brunch. It was excellent. I ordered the southwest breakfast wrap, my wife chose the breakfast sandwich. Both were great! Fresh ...

Date night

The Rumor Mill Pub & Eatery

My first clue should have been on a Saturday night we could sit in a booth, table or a high waiting. Can you say Perkins with booze? Boring boring food, I don't think I will ever go ...


Eau Claire Ale House

Awful each time I've been there. There's always something wrong or off with the food and service is spotty at best. Hard to get someone to come back to your table even if there's hardly anyone ...


Caffé Tempo

A cafe that knows the difference between a traditional macchiato and whatever Starbucks passes off as a "macchiato," and does a killer job of making one. Probably the best all-around cafe in town, ...



It's fine if you like sugar and milk, and once in a while I can enjoy a frappuccino. However, if you want coffee that tastes good, go to The French Press or Caffe Tempo, which have espressos that ...


Racy D’lene’s Coffee Lounge

It's a nice enough space when it's not a crowded Saturday morning, and they have some good stuff, but their espresso is absolutely terrible, and their coffee is overall really bad unless you drown ...


The French Press

They may be still working out some stuff, but they have a good menu and one of the best espressos I've ever had, and easily the best espresso in town.


Muang Thai

Best sushi around. Very fresh and chefs are fun and interactive. Definitely will return soon!


Fuji Sushi & Steak House

I am surprised by all of the bad reviews! I personally like to cook at home but when my Fiance and I go out, this is our first choice. We also buy their dipping "Yum Yum" sauce every time we go. ...

Tip up

Yankee Jack's

My better half and I stopped Friday evening after work for their fish. Very busy and friendly. The place reminded me a little of the old television program Cheers. Food and service was great. ...


Eau Claire Fusion

Just tried a shake for the first time today. LOVED IT!! Great product, Awesome staff. Gonna try this on a regular basis!!


Dunn Bros. Coffee

I liked Gloria Jeans icy drinks, those ones that are blended. This coffee shop has something like them, pretty close to taste. I got the mocha "ice crema". It tasted really good. Funny calling ...


Dunn Bros. Coffee

Stopped into Dunn Brothers today, had to try their coffee. It was actually really good. They said it was roasted last saturday and I thought that was awesome. Would recommend!


Smiling Moose Deli

I like it. I would have never known it was there, but one of my co-workers suggested it, and it's great. A mini Mighty Mo fits in my diet plan (I'm diabetic,) but still tastes unbelievably ...

Teresa Ryan

Dana's Bar & Grill - Eau Claire

My husband went to a movie at the theater, and decided to get a bite to eat after. BIG MISTAKE!! We sat waiting for a waitress for at least 15 mins, she finally stopped by AFTER she took the ...

Bill Hopkins

Mahli Thai

Revisited last week and very impressed. Last visit was shortly after opening. Service, organization, and food prep all lagged then. Food is superior now, both red and green curries sport the ...



Only been to this Denny's once. Service was slow, wait staff forgot parts of the order, even after being reminded and we seemed to spend a large portion of our time waving away the flies that ...


Picanha Brazilian Steakhouse

Will go back!! Now that I've tried "The Brazilian Experience" I would love to go back and try one of their traditional Brazilian dishes, which are reasonably priced at $14-18. The price is ...


Bug Eyed Betty's Half Moon Saloon

Can't get enough of those sweet potato fries!! The fish tacos were outstanding, great flavor, a little kick but not too much (and I'm a pansy - I find medium salsa to be quite spicy). Why pay ...


The Olympic Flame

We love this place, I am sure it's too simple for the "BIG POCKETS" in this town...But it has amazing service, friendly staff and owner, and the BEST FOOD. You have to go and ORDER the Gyro ...


Pizza Ranch

Best Chicken in town and if they don't have a Pizza you like on the buffet they will make one and bring it to your table and you get first dibs! Yummy salad bar that is fresh, place is always ...


Sammy’s Pizza Restaurant & Pub

As I work downtown we always went to Sammy's for the Lunch Buffet. We miss that down here...then the just kept the London Square location. UGH! Lunch buffet price sky rocketed and pizza is always ...


Galloway Grille

Have eaten here a handful of times with Family...Breakfast before or after the Farmers Market and Lunch with the Boss. I have found that the lunch staff is always frantic, like they need more ...


The Lodge

Well...Multiple Strikes HERE! The Owner is a DOUCHE! Not only if he is not your friend, but if he has an itch against you...whew! Watch out....I want to like this place besides the owner. But ...


Girolamo’s Court 'n House Bar

Great burgers, great fish, good wings...sometimes they are slightly fatty and undercooked! We love to come for Fish, the only thing that holds us back is sometimes the Owner...she is not always ...


Smiling Moose Deli

We have eaten here for lunch a few times and more for Breakfast when we visit the Farmer's market. Great sandwiches, just wish the staff were alittle more friendly and customer oriented! If you ...


Johnny's Pizza

Great Pizza, calzones, salads....They have awesome sauce and dressing. I like the place it's open and great location for an easy lunch or Pizza pick up. The owner needs to be more Customer ...


The Farm On Starr Restaurant & Bar

Well,again w/the 3X RULE! We started coming after church when they first opened, OK. We will give it another shot because new restaurants have to find their groove. Apparently they never did. We ...


Fired Up Pizza

Love this Place...Atmosphere could use some work, but besides that! Great menu with great choices. I love to go here for lunch and get a small salad and split a pizza with Friends. The ...


Eau Claire Ale House

We have tried this place more than once....We always feel like things deserve a 3 strike rule! Well....XXX! Poor service, rude staff, foul mouth cooks, slow service and something is always ...


Taverna Grill



Bug Eyed Betty's Half Moon Saloon

This place is awesome. Wait staff is welcoming and friendly. The happy hour deals are great and the food is even better. I try something new each time I go and I'm never disappointed! I've ...

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