The Local Lounge

Average Cost: $6-$36

Breathing new life into the old Seahorse Inn building, The Local Lounge is whipping up some smart and delectable dishes from its multilevel complex, which includes a bar, lounge seating, and an outdoor patio with a fire pit. The vibrant menu is stacked with small plates like foie gras, hush puppies, and fried cheese curds as well as large plates like grilled steaks, scallops, roasted chicken, pasta dishes, and poached eggs – but it rotates season to season. Eau Claire memorabilia dominates the walls in each of The Local Lounge's distinct levels, honoring the community with good food and good vibes.
For More Information
 (715) 895-8080

The Local Lounge
2106 N. Clairemont Ave.
Eau Claire, WI

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