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The Barley Club at Pine Meadow

Fun and friendly, the Pine Meadow Club offers a full menu year-round with outdoor dining overlooking Pine Meadow Golf Course. The signature fish fry, served with homemade potato salad and coleslaw, features battered walleye, baked or fried cod, ...

4324 Fairfax Park Dr., Eau Claire, WI

Reviews 2

3.50 stars

Bar & Grill

The Pub

Located inside Metropolis Resort, The Pub is a family venue featuring delectable steak and seafood, as well as grilled burgers, homemade chips, and wraps. While you're in, stop by The Aqua Bar for all of your libation needs from a kiddy cocktai...

5150 Fairview Drive
(Metropolis Resort), Eau Claire, WI

Reviews 1

0.00 stars

Bar & Grill

Waterfront Bar & Grill

A casual stop for a 20s and 30s crowd serving high-end bar food including many different chicken sandwiches, burgers, fish, quesadillas, wings, wraps, and more. Known for a great Friday fish fry, they also feature live music every Thursday ...

512 Crescent St., Menomonie, WI

Reviews 6

4.50 stars
58 total

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