Public Events



Tuesday, Feb, 1, 2011
5 - 7pm (Presentation at 5:30pm)

Royal Credit Union - Corporate Center
200 Riverfront Terrace - Community Room
Eau Claire, WI

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What's the goal?

…to develop a plan for the reconstruction of streets and the riverbank that provides for use by all modes of tronsportation, creates incentives for development, and enhances the quality of life for businesses, organizations, and individuals who work, live, and visit the historic riverfront district of Downtown Eau Claire…

To achieve this goal...

To achieve this goal, we need participation and inputfrom businesses, residents, property owners, stakeholders, and all the other parties with an interest in the project.

More damn-giving citizens.


Thanks to all of you who participated in the December meeting, have viewed the information on the project web site, and provided comments to the project team.

The City of Eau Claire has retained Ayres Associates to conduct a traffic circulation analysis on the potential impact of converting Barstow Street and Graham Avenue in the downtown area to a twoway street system. Results of the analysis will be presented at the Public Information meeting, identifying expected changes in traffic patterns, intersection operation, on-street parking impacts, pedestrian/bicycle accessibility impacts, delivery truck options, and an overall summary of the oneway, two-way, and pedestrian mall experiences from other communities. Aquestion and answer session will follow the presentation of the downtown circulation study.

In addition to the traffic study, the project team of Ayres Associates and Design Studio Etc. will present three preliminary concepts for the downtown riverbank, Haymarket Parking Lot, and Eau Claire Street. Conceptual drawings will be displayed for comment to give the design team direction in preparing a preferred plan for these important areas of Downtown.

Public input on the one-way, two-way, and pedestrian mall scenarios, along with the preliminary concepts, will be taken at the meeting and can also be expressed online through the project website at