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Volume One's Weekly Email Newsletter

    Earlier this week, everyone at Volume One was busy slathering on a fifth layer of SPF 180 sunscreen lotion so we could walk out the front door and get the mail. Why all the sunscreen? Because we’re usually locked indoors all day making a magazine, and our pale skin bursts into flames upon contact with natural light. Why do we get the mail as a group? Not sure. But while we were applying the life-saving lotion, we reflected on how wonderful summer in Wisconsin can be.

    Speaking of summer, our annual guide to summer in the Chippewa Valley – Hot Spots – will be delicately tucked into next week’s issue of Volume One. In it, you’ll find lots of info about local parks, trails, spectator sports, beaches, attractions, and a huge summer events calendar. There’s also an all-new spread on the Valley’s grilling scene. Yes, we said “grilling scene.” Check it out.

– Volume One

    P.S. If you’re not a dork and you love free movie tickets, check out our Free Flick Frenzy.

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