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Inbox Delight - Volume One's Weekly Email Newsletter
Volume One's Weekly Email Newsletter

    After some slight delays, we’ve got our coloring contest page up and functional, and it’s ready to melt your hearts! (And in a few cases, your eyes. So go vote on some kid art right now!

    Hey parents! If you’ve got a kid in the contest, tell your friends! Tell the grandparents! The aunts and uncles! The cousins! Alert the media! Your kid’s artwork is probably the best one in the whole bunch, so drum up those votes, why don’t ‘cha?? Winners in each category get a gift certificate to Benny Haha (an art supply store in downtown Eau Claire).

    Seriously, this has been a really fun contest. The entries range from “very need and tidy” to “acid trip freak out.” Some of the entries appear to have math homework on the back. At any rate, V1 is very proud of the area’s youth.

– Volume One

    P.S. If you're a fan of local indie band Daredevil Christopher Wright, you can listen to their upcoming album (due out May 19) exclusively at Just go to our audio page and click on the three dudes on a couch!

40 School Jobs Gone

Daredevil rolls out new album!

Pillow Fought!

Bon Iver Plus Jazz?

Memorial alum Justin Vernon will play a sendoff concert with the Memorial jazz band.

Senior Art Students Fill Foster Gallery

UWEC showcases the work of 10 senior fine art students Apr. 3-15.

Beer, Here

Wisconsin taught me to love beer (one guy’s story)

48 Hour Video Project Launches April 17

The stage is set – or at least the theme is set – for the next 48-Hour Video Project.

VIDEO: Fein Tunes

VIDEO: Volume One's Big Week, Episode 25

Sponsored Eatery
Ray's Place

Eau Claire  -  People come from miles around just to grab a beer and an excellent hot beef sandwich served on a pile of napkins at Ray's. The optional horseradish sauce (highly recommended) will clear your sinuses. Cheese slices are available upon polite request. During the cooler months, try the signature Spanish stew. The homemade soups – pea or bean with ham – round out the menu. Outdoor seating and open late.

Dooley’s Pub

Eau Claire  -  An Irish restaurant and sports bar combine forces to make for a relaxed hangout destination. Grab a local tap beer from their huge selection and either some traditional Irish food or classic bar favorites like burgers, sandwiches, cheese curds, and wings. Private party room, open late.

Mogie's Pub

Eau Claire  -  An Eau Claire original with shiny hardwood floors, brick walls, and local memorabilia hanging left and right, Mogie’s generates a casual and fun vibe. Lots of classic pub food and a long line of tempting beer taps await, but the crown jewel of Mogie’s menu is a list of excellent char-grilled specialty burgers made with certified Angus beef. Bring some friends and order the cheesy Spuds o’ Plenty. Outdoor seating, private party room, vegetarian friendly, open late. Closed Sundays.

Randy’s Family Restaurant

Eau Claire  -  A classic family eatery where Norman Rockwell would probably love to have breakfast, families and local regulars stop in for the friendly service, homey atmosphere, and homemade menu. The menu bursts with all-American dinner favorites, but the locals rave about the homemade chicken dumpling soup and fantastic hash browns. Don't forget the free little homemade pudding cup! UWEC and CVTC students students get 10% off. Closed on Sundays.

Cancun Mexican Grill

Eau Claire  -  A classic Mexican restaurant featuring a south-of-the-border atmosphere and all the favorite dishes including fajitas, chimichangas, and more. Try their margaritas or their highly popular cheese dip. Vegetarian friendly, private party room. On Sundays, one child for each adult may eat for free. Party room available. $0.99 maragritas on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Mona Lisa's

Eau Claire  -  An Eau Claire original, Mona Lisa's focuses on using the freshest ingredients, whether that means adapting the menu weekly to accommodate what's going to be the tastiest or what ingredients will be available locally. Original seafood dishes are a must-try along with thin-crust pizza and exquisite classic and modern pasta creations made in-house. Although there are some staples, the menu is constantly evolving to be even more impressive. They feature an extensive wine list and full bar with local favorites such as the Mona Margarita, Espresso Martini, and Lisa's seasonal mezcal cocktail. The atmosphere inside Mona's is utterly charming with rich colors and beautiful artwork. Weather permitted, check out their delightful back patio with fireplace. Priority seating, private party room, vegetarian friendly. Closed Sunday and Monday.