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Volume One's Weekly Email Newsletter’s sparkly new blog is called Soundboard. It’s focused on the ever-evolving music scene of the Chippewa Valley. Now, you might think you’ve got a handle on the local music scene, but if our statistics can be trusted, you totally don’t. Let’s fix that.

    We’ve gathered a bunch of local bloggers from various musical nooks and crannies to contribute to this thing, and we hope to gather additional perspectives as it grows. Spanning everything from jazz and blues to rock and folk, there will be reviews of new music, show updates, public debates, and even a few history lessons. As with all of the site, it will be constantly evolving, and we’ll be adding new features as we go. Feel free to join in the discussion and make your music preferences heard, or just let us know what we might be missing. Check it out.

    It’s a good time for local music. 

– Volume One

Covering Bon Iver

New V1 Blog: Soundboard

Where did everybody go?

Everyone’s Watching

Eau Claire is in a unique position as the music scene hits another high note

Art Crawl at Banbury Place

glass artists Laurie Bieze, Adam Fuller organize event

Midwinter Music Meltdown

armada of metal bands invade the Eau Claire House of Rock

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