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Volume One's Weekly Email Newsletter

    As we type this (there’s about five of us synchronously typing at once), our first sizable snowfall is out there, just lying all over the Chippewa Valley like it’s no big deal. This makes it slightly slippery for the fine delivery men and women who are dropping off the latest issue of Volume One at our office doors. This is why we’ve coated the sidewalk out front with 3-4 inches of rock salt.

    This latest issue is kind of a special one. We’ll let you pick it up at your local stores and gas stations and restaurants and places of business to see why. You should be able to tell as soon as see the cover.

    In the meantime, check out a few sneak peeks at some of this issue’s articles – located to your right, towards the bottom of the newsletter. And also in the meantime, dust off those snow shovels and remember to lift with your legs.

– Volume One

Thanks for Asking | Dec. 4, 2008

Joy to the Music World

So Fresh, So Clean

At Home With Dad

Better Bring Some Corn for Poppin’

VIDEO: Volume One's Big Week, Dec. 1

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