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Volume One's Weekly Email Newsletter

    Any big plans for tomorrow? All of us here at Volume One are getting ready for our annual V1 Turkey Feed. We each bring in a cooked turkey – prepared in a special, individual style, possibly on a flamboyant theme. We taste each other’s turkeys and vote for our favorites, according to: taste (5 points), texture (5 points), juiciness (10 points), presentation/attractiveness (15 points), recipe inspiration (20 points), and – for optional bonus points – cornbread stuffing (600 points).

    Once the voting is over, and a winner is crowned, we finish the turkey. All 10 turkeys. No one is allowed to leave until all of the meat is chewed and consumed. No exceptions. No excuses.

    And this is why many of us are questioning the annual V1 Turkey Feed. In fact, some of us are openly challenging the continuation of the event. A few people say they aren’t even going to show up. 

    Here’s hoping you holiday is less controversial and painful than ours.

– Volume One

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