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Inbox Delight - Volume One's Weekly Email Newsletter
Volume One's Weekly Email Newsletter

    Welcome to another addition of our electronic letter of news. We hope it finds you well.

    We here at Volume One absolutely love autumn. We’ve already begun raking up leaves and stockpiling them in the office for our annual Giant Indoor Office Leaf Pile Jumpapalooza* which we’re glad to say only resulted in three minor injuries** last year, mostly due to misplaced staplers. It’s a hoot. We brew up some special apple cider using water straight from the Chippewa River, we get a bunch of pumpkins and have pumpkin tart cook-offs, and then we watch scary movies until we all scream like 5-year-olds. Yes, autumn is truly a time of wonder.

    On a side note, we’ve redesigned our blogs page so you can easily see the latest post from each of our many blogs, which cover everything from local photography to nutty video games to Justin Vernon to weird local history to … you.

    Have a pleasant week. Go pick some apples or something.

– Volume One

*Jumpapalooza is not real and is fake.
**Also fake and not real.

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