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Volume One's Weekly Email Newsletter

     What’s up, you luscious people, you?

     By now, the newest issue of Volume One should have sneaked onto a rack or counter near you. Perhaps it's already slipped into your home and is (at this very moment) hiding under your bed, ready to attack your eyeballs with words and pictures. At any rate, check it out.

     Or. You could check it out online. It’s on the internet. Just saying.

     Speaking of food … OK, we weren’t speaking about it, but we were thinking about it, and it’s the thought that counts, right? Right. Speaking of food, check out all the restaurant reviews and ratings you people have been leaving! Nice work. We’ve comments ranging from “I left disappointed and feeling a little grossed out” to “… the free ranch-like sauce with their chips and salsa? Brilliant.” So as you can see – quite a range.

     OK, that's it.

– Volume One


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