Thursday, Sep. 10th, 2009

BREAKING: City mapmakers focus on sidewalks

Usually, when we need to make fun of the things that rile up local citizens, our go-to joke is something to do with sidewalk ordinances. Well, the City of Eau Claire seems to be taking all that riled-up-ness seriously. They’re creating a “sidewalk map” detailing … wait for it … the city’s sidewalks. It’ll show every single sidewalk we have, as well as where we plan on building more. Planners say the map will help in a number of areas. First off, it’ll help us to know what destinations we can actually get to on foot. Secondly, it’ll warn homeowners about big slabs of concrete coming their way. And lastly, it’ll help the city see where more walkways are needed. From

  • Senior Planner Pat Ivory says the map makes it very clear where sidewalks are needed; for example, across from Oakwood Mall where the sidewalk literally ends. But, a city councilman says it could also stop sidewalk wars in the future.
  • "Sidewalks are one of the more interesting things that the city council deals with, depending on your point of view," says City Council Vice President Dave Duax. …
  • He hopes the map will help prepare homeowners when one could be coming.
  • "What they don't like is when they just planted that tree a year ago, then along comes the city and says 'we're putting a sidewalk in this year.' and they go 'wait a minute!'" Duax says.

Wait a minute! I’m not sure a map will make homeowners any less pissed off about changes to their landscaping, even if they can plan around it in advance. But if they can make the map readily available to the public, it might get more people walking. As far as this being  "one of the more interesting things that the city council deals with" ... um. Heh.

Working with the Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Commission, planners have a draft of the map which you can download here (PDF). Check it out.

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Local Winner: James Kust

A big shout out to our homie James Kust – the UWEC student who won $100 in Topper’s Pizza by stopping by Volume One’s tent at the Campus Community Connection event yesterday. As you can see, James lives a pretty hardcore life, and we can only assume that he’ll be enjoying his pizza in a fairly hardcore manner. Congrats, James.

People, this is what connecting students to the greater Eau Claire community is all about.

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Wednesday, Sep. 9th, 2009

Thursday: Contemporary photography show at UWEC

Caught wind of a great art opening that somehow missed the current issue’s calendar of events – UWEC’s Residual Reality artist reception. The exhibition “highlights a lineage of artists – both mentors and students – who use photography to invent visual images that are not documents of the world. While they do deal with existence and observation of the concrete world, they use photography in ways that challenge process, rules, and forms.”

The reception is on Thursday, Sept. 10 at 7pm in UWEC’s Foster Gallery. Details. We’ve gotten a few sneak peeks of the art and it’s fantastic. Above you see “Claire” from Min Kim Park’s Zumarella series.

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Tuesday, Sep. 8th, 2009

Heyde Center doing its job

Despite our current economic climate of “holy crap the world’s ending,” one kind of bright spot in the local arts scene is the Heyde Center for the Arts over in Chippewa Falls. The center recently released its annual report, and if those artsy number crunchers can be trusted, it shows that the arts are alive and doing relatively well over there. The CVCA and center contributed approximately $26,000 to the state and local economy, while the economic impact of local spending by the Heyde Center audiences over the past year was $196,000.

Obviously, $26,000 isn’t going to make Chippewa Falls an economic utopia, but for a non-college town that size, it’s a respectable wad of cash – and it’s some pretty tasty icing on the cake, the cake being all the music, art, and drama served up by the Heyde Center in that time frame.

Some other Heyde stats … the center welcomed nearly 9,000 people, a slight decline from the previous year, for 52 performances (35 local, nine regional, five national, and three international).

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An Unusual Platformer

Karoshi Suicide Salaryman is an unusual platformer in that the object is not to maneuver the character safely through each level. It's just the opposite.

That's right, the Japanese "sarariman" has finally hit rock bottom as the company staggers. You need to find increasingly difficult methods in which to off yourself. Complete with MS Paint-style blood and a loveablely rigid protagonist ... or antagonist. I think.


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Monday, Sep. 7th, 2009

Weekly Shakedown: What You Might Have Missed

Here’s an ample assortment of Volume One website goods that you may have missed last week.

Enjoy your Monday off, people of the Chippewa Valley.

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Sunday, Sep. 6th, 2009

Sunday Webcam: stream now closed

Free TV : Ustream

This is the live webcam for Sunday's Back Stage Concert Series video shoot. Click on the video to start streaming right here on this site (if it takes you there, you can also watch it at Ustream, otherwise come back and try it again on the V1 homepage).

You can come to this event and be a part of the live studio audience FREE anytime between 11:30 and 7pm today, Sunday. We're at the State Theatre in downtown Eau Claire. Approximate set times – Noon: QuinnElizabeth. 1pm: Meridene. 2pm: Laarks. 3pm: The Jaggernauts. 4pm: New North String Band. 5pm: South Farwell. 6pm: Jim Pullman Band. 

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Saturday, Sep. 5th, 2009

SUNDAY: Back Stage Concert Series Live Taping

In preparation for the upcoming (and brand new) “Back Stage Concert Series,” you’re invited to a live video taping – right on the State Theatre's stage. The audience, the bands, and a bar will all be set up on the historic stage, while the rest of the auditorium is curtained off to create a unique performance environment. This is a free Sunday afternoon (Sept. 6, noon-7pm) show featuring seven of the best local bands performing just 2 or 3 songs for a four-camera professional video crew. These videos will become part of a local TV/web series in promotion of a new all-ages concert series at the State Theatre set for this fall But we need a live studio audience to make it work. So tell your friends! It’s an all ages event, but beer and wine will be available.

Watch our homepage (right here) for a live webcast all day long! Approximate set times – Noon: QuinnElizabeth. 1pm:Meridene. 2pm: Laarks. 3pm: The Jaggernauts. 4pm: New North String Band. 5pm: South Farwell. 6pm: Jim Pullman Band. More details.

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Friday, Sep. 4th, 2009

The Big Week, Episode 47:
The raccoons are finally safe

In this episode: senseless cute animal killings, a goofy ganja gardener, and Eau Claire's five most influential people. Also, we give away a $50 Sandy's Clothing & Art gift certificate and 2 free movie tickets to Micon Cinemas. If you'd like to enter a contest, go here.

Hey! If you like the Big Week (or if you don't) let us know ...

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