Monday, Nov. 3rd, 2008

Where You Gonna Vote?

Any idea were you’re supposed to vote today (in that big presidential election thing)? If not, don’t be ashamed. It happens to lots of people.

If you live in Eau Claire, you can call 839-4913 or click here. In Chippewa Falls you can call 726-2701, and in Menomonie you can call 232-2180. If you're a UWEC student, go here.

Once you figure out what ward or precinct or sector or zone of quadrant or whatever you belong to ... then you can make the magic happen.

Happy voting.

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Sunday, Nov. 2nd, 2008

Weekly Shakedown

Hey! Check out these lovely items of note to be found upon

Take care, fine people.

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Friday, Oct. 31st, 2008

Saturday: Halloween’s a Drag

If you’re looking for something different to do on Saturday night, check out Scooter’s Halloween Drag Show featuring Felicia, Dee-Lovely, Kitina, and other beauties. (Unless you do that sort of thing all the time, in which case, try something different than that.) Sure, Halloweenis over, but that's no reason to not dress up. You’re sure to see the most fabulous costumes Eau Claire has to offer. The show starts at 10:30pm, and it costs 3 bucks.

Friday's frightful fun: BaDa Bingz Halloween Bash, FRiDAY'S Halloween Spooktacular, Halloween Hedonism, Barn 'O' Ween, 80’s Hauntoween, Trick or Treat on Canal Street, Big Band Monster Bash, EC Indoor Sports Center Halloween Party, Hobbsy and Me Costume Contest, Dam Bar Halloween Party, Wigwam Halloween Party, Badger Hole Costume Contest, Dam Shot Saloon Costume Contest, Finish Line Costume Contest, Wander Inn Costume Party, The X Bar Halloween Party, Whiskey Dicks Halloween Party, My Place Costume Contest, Court 'n' House Halloween Party, Pioneer Grill and Saloon Halloween Party, Halloween Dance Party, Scooters Costume Contest, Fox Run Costume Contest.

Saturday's post-holiday Halloween hoopla: a discussion with Chad Lewis, Golden Spike Halloween Party, Hide Away Tavern Halloween Party, Barley Club Halloween Bash, T&C Roundabout Costume Contest, Bresina's Costume Contest, Loopy's Halloween Bash, Slim's Lake Hallie Tavern Costume Party, and Badger Hole Costume Contest.

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Thursday, Oct. 30th, 2008

How Was the Obama Show?

Stupidly assuming it would air later in the evening, I was busy doing important things during Obama’s big half-hour special last night. Before it aired, most of the headlines I saw were asking if the 30-minute commercial was 4 million dollars of overkill at this point, given all the recent poll results. And yet, there’s people like former governor (and robot wannabe) Tommy Thompson saying McCain can take Wisconsin if he really steps it up. Thompson wishes McCain would have done a few things differently, like throwing Palin on a tour bus and cruising her through the northern part of the state, but he thinks we could still be a red state. Seems like McCain’s going to be too busy down in Florida to worry about us cheeseheads, though.

So how was Obama’s big show? Overkill? Cool? Pointless? What? Beyond the commercial itself, the thing snagged a lot of election coverage away from McCain for a few days, and there aren’t many days left.

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Wednesday, Oct. 29th, 2008

Way More Halloween Than You Can Possibly Handle

A few Halloween-themed events:

Ho-lotta Hallloween going on, folks.

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Tuesday, Oct. 28th, 2008

Happy Halloween, Lucky Radish Style!

Our editor/publisher Nick is very proud of himself today because last night he spent the better part of an hour cutting out, folding, and lovingly assembling what you see above – Mini Spooksville. The papercraft Haunted House and “Dr. Farkenstein’s Castle” come from Lucky Radish Studios – a graphic design / animation studio in Chippewa Falls. We ran a story on Lucky Radish and its owner Chuck Gamble back in September. You can download the Haunted House yourself at (click on STUFF and then MISCELLANY).

When Nick found the downloads and we saw all the awesome little details on the haunted house, we kind of geeked out and morphed into 10-year-olds reading Mad Magazine. Chuck designed the things to have two layers, so you can peek into the windows and see what’s inside.

The best part is the last step in the assembly instructions, which reads “Place unfortunate trick-or-treater in harms way.” Check out more from Chuck Gamble.

Click the pics for biggies!

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Is Wisconsin’s DNR Hunting Werewolves? Probably.

In a statement released mysteriously close to Halloween, The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources is seeking volunteers to track timber wolves. Now, according to WQOW, the DNR claims they just want to count the wolves. They say they want to gather data to help biologists evaluate the wolf population. But we at Volume One are reading between the lines, and right between two of those lines we find the word WEREWOLF.

In all caps.

Wolves were recently put back on the federal endangered species list, with an estimated 564 counted in Wisconsin last winter. What a perfect cover story for a covert government program to track and capture werewolves for eventual use in an unstoppable army of armored (m)animals, able to swarm and shred apart enemies (for one night a month).

Watch for more on this story as it develops …

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Monday, Oct. 27th, 2008

Local Jazz in the Twin Cities: A Model for Eau Claire?

Here is something noteworthy: The Artists' Quarter in St. Paul just celebrated 13 years in its current location in downtown St. Paul. The AQ is a unique club that often takes a backseat to the more flashy décor and nationally known acts that grace the stage at the Dakota Jazz Club in Minneapolis. Owned by drummer Kenny Horst (a well known drummer on the local scene in St. Paul) the AQ hosts local and regional acts almost exclusively while also playing host to an occasional national act. Here’s a great article about the 13th anniversary celebration on

I really appreciate what the AQ does for the Twin Cities and the rest of the region. It allows local musicians an opportunity to experiment with different musical settings and offers professionals, who often play in commercials or pit orchestras, the chance to open up and play the music that they love. One of my early mentors on the saxophone, Brian Grivna, plays at least once a month at the AQ. His sets are electrifying and showcase his virtuosic talent on saxophone, clarinet and flute. He plays with fire and passion. Normally he plays the woodwind parts in pits across the Twin Cities but when he plays at the AQ the gloves come off. It’s inspiring.

When I was growing up in Rosemount, Minnesota, the AQ used to host a jam session every Saturday afternoon. My friends and I would drive up to St. Paul to sit in. Players good and bad from all over the place would come to the club to play. There were days when it was packed and I waited forever to get on stage for a song or two but there were other days when I could get up and blow chorus after chorus and really get a work out. I remember playing Body and Soul with some cats that were way outta my league. I mean, these guys were from another planet. I got ripped to shreds and still had to get up and finish off the tune. What a lesson – baptism by fire. I still feel the burns to this day.

I guess the most amazing thing about the AQ is that even after 13 years at its current location it still manages to make it. It’s not the flashiest club in the world. It doesn’t host national acts all that much. It doesn’t pay the greatest to the musicians. What it does provide is a consistent, solid outlet for local jazz. It gives musicians and audiences a chance to come together and experience music and to create something unique each night. Perhaps we could take a lesson from the Artists Quarter in Eau Claire. Maybe we’re ready to create this opportunity. In a town of bars and rock bands I feel like this could be a model for jazz in Eau Claire.

Check out these great videos from the AQ.

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Friday, Oct. 24th, 2008

Sunday: Found Footage Festival

For the third year in a row, Volume One is bringing the Found Footage Festival to the Cameo Budget in downtown Eau Claire. If you’ve never been … well, it’s just awesome. The FFF is a touring showcase of odd and hilarious found videos, shown on big screens, with snarky, live commentary from the festival’s curators – Joe Pickett and Nick Prueher. Pickett and Prueher, both UWEC alums, will be presenting two shows: Sunday, Oct. 26 at 7pm and 9pm. The shows feature a while new line up of videos!

On Saturday: check out Halloween Storytime for Families, peep the Unexplained Eau Claire conference, dance at the the Chippewa Valley Ragtime Society Fall Concert, settle in for You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown, let big time songstress Shawn Colvin massage your ear drums, get funky at the Kinetix ft. Funky Honky Horns costume party, mix it up with Minneapolis's favorite remixers/DJs/party rockers, and – just because I love the name – enjoy a Bountiful Ham Dinner with Live Music.

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