Tuesday, May. 12th, 2009

College Kids are Hilarious

Not sure UW-La Crosse officials knew what they were getting into when they used an open ballot to select a name for the school’s eagle mascot. They named it "Colbert." Yep, after this guy.

Over 3,100 students voted and Colbert took 44% of the vote. “Ernie” came in second, while “Edgar” and “Screech” tied for third. (Source.) Apparently, the name Eddie had been selected earlier, but the National Rifle Association claims to have trademarked the name for its gun-safety mascot. And you don’t mess with the NRA. (Source.)

Everyone here loves Mr. Stephen Tyrone Colbert, but come on. How did Screech lose?

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More Tickets through Technology!

According to JSOnline.com, mobile computers are responsible for the cops being all up in your grill. Basically. They say that police agencies see a 30% increase in traffic citations once they transition to a computer-based system. And as a result, in Milwaukee, case filings from ticket protests have increased 64% so far this year. From the article:

  • Wisconsin law enforcement agencies have a quicker and easier way to write tickets. Instead of scrawling them on paper, many officers now use mobile computers that make issuing tickets easier. As a result, drivers are getting more citations and more of them are showing up in court to deal with their tickets.

So … hold on. Are more tickets being issued because the police have that much more time on their hands – what with computers being so darn fast? Or are more tickets being given out because police are more apt to write them – what with computers being so darn efficient? The article doesn’t really say.

The only thing we can say with any degree of certainty is that – very soon – robots will be taking over the Wisconsin police force (as they have in many other states) and once the RoboOfficers are in charge, the parking tickets will flow like  a raging river of … parking tickets. And robots.

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Monday, May. 11th, 2009

City Council Wannabes
to Speak Tonight

Well, ten people answered the city’s open call for candidates to fill the open seat left by Pres. Kerry Kincaid. Some of the names you’ve heard before (such as Beryl Middleton), and many you have not (unless you are related to them, or live next to them, or run into them regularly at Kwik Trip for your daily donuts ‘n’ coffee run or something).

At tonight’s public hearing council meeting (7pm), each applicant will have a chance to speak to the council. Not sure if they will field interview questions from the council (If you could be a fruit, what would it be?), but the public gets to watch. Kind of like American Idol, but instead of a recording contract, the winner gets to help debate our city’s leash laws.

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Sunday, May. 10th, 2009
Saturday, May. 9th, 2009

Saturday: Valley Cat Bike Race

How’s a big, bicycle-based scavenger hunt all over Eau Claire sound? Those who know the city best shall triumph. Bring a bag, your legs, and if you need it, a map of Eau Claire. Be ready for anything. A great many prizes await the winner and those that place. Meet at 11, register at 11:40. $15. Details.

Also on Saturday: Native Plant Sale, The Past Passed Here, Kids’ Planetarium Show, Doll & Pet Parade, Book Signing w/ Katie McKy, Loose Ends Illustration Opening Reception, CV Symphony's "Current of Change," The Shadowbox, and The Goddamn Pimps.

Sunday: Call your mom.

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Thursday, May. 7th, 2009

The Art of Rock

It’s nice to see bands actually promote themselves with cool posters – because so many of them don’t. The kudos this time goes to the Jim Pullman Band for this huge three-foot-tall pop-art style poster promoting the all-ages gig they have this Friday, May 8 at the Grand Little Theater with Meridene and the Holy Rifles. Should be a good one.

What’s great is that this isn’t even a new band trying to make a name for themselves  – the Jim Pullman Band has been around for years – yet they still have the spark to put up an ambitious little poster every once in a while.  (And in this case, the ambition to print it on multiple pieces of paper and tape it all together to get the super-sized effect.) Is it the greatest piece of local rock and roll artwork ever? Not even close. But it works great none-the-less. Nice work guys.

We saw the poster flailing in the wind right before the last piece of tape gave out, so we snatched it up to put up at our office (hope that’s OK with you JPB).

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It Did Not Take
May 7, 1897

It Did Not Take
Mormon missionary work met with no favor in this vicinity
Eau Claire Weekly Telegram | May 7, 1897

Not one convert as far as known

Latter-Day Saints evidently discouraged by lack of interest in their mission, as they have not been seen here for some time.

Eau Claire- The Mormon propaganda in this city and county has proven a fizzle. About six weeks ago two missionaries representing the church of Latter-Day Saints arrived here and commenced work. They applied for the use of the Second Congregational church, stating they had no money with which to secure any place to hold meetings. The trustees of the church declined to permit the Saints to use the edifice. They then commenced distribution of tracts from house to house and did a little personal proselyting by word of mouth. They made no impression and attracted scarcely any attention and it seems certain that they did not secure a single convert. Evidently becoming discouraged with Eau Claire as a field of labor, they left and have not been seen here for two or three weeks.

The concerted movement for the promotion of Mormonism is now going on in many sections of the country is one of the notable features of current events, and has not been
given as much attention by the press as some less interesting subject.

Chad’s Take- Eau Claire the new Salt Lake City?

A few months back I wrote about an article for this blog that told of Eau Claire authorities trying to keep a fortune teller out of the area by imposing a hefty daily business tax on her. I guess the officials did not recognize that if they wanted people to ignore the psychic all they had to do was label her a Mormon.

My real interest in this article rests with the two missionaries that were sent to Eau Claire to spread the word of Mormonism. Just how mediocre were these missionaries that they were unable to convert one single person? Seriously, not one convert? Most anyone could descend on Eau Claire and start spewing information about a water God residing in Half Moon Lake, and within a week this person would have at least a couple of disciples.

However, this article has not completed diminished my view of Mormons, in fact the
the next time they knock on my door I am going to answer just to see if they have improved their pitch over the years.

Keep an eye out!

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Wednesday, May. 6th, 2009

Police Chief to City Council: Let’s Keep Downtown Antisocial

Chippewa Falls Police Chief Wayne Nehring is behind the times. Though he believes he’s looking out for the safety of Chippewa Falls residents, he’s currently only acting as an obstacle to a fresh idea brought forth by forward thinking, community minded individuals.

Chippewa’s city council has been pitched the idea of closing one block of Bridge Street (a main one through downtown) from noon until 7pm on Thursdays, June through October, for a new take on their downtown farmers’ market – putting it right on the street among the business and pedestrians. According to the Chippewa Falls Main Street Association, the current market hosts about 26 vendors and sees roughly 300 patrons in a parking lot on the south side of downtown. Part of the reasoning for the move is to connect the market with the relatively new concert series they host in the Harmony Park Courtyard just off Bridge Street on Thursdays. All of this is an effort to create a bustling pedestrian mall of culture and commerce right downtown.

But Chief Nehring is displaying a particularly incorrect attitude towards the purpose of downtown streets, and had this to say in his letter to the council:

  • “Although I appreiciate and actually agree with the concept, I do not believe it’s appropriate to take away the motoring public’s right and expectations to use the street for its intended purpose for the length of time requested.”

My jaw dropped. Viewing streets’ only intended purpose as a way to move motor vehicle traffic is part of what has made many American downtowns a joke. Streets are for the community, and motor vehicles are not the only (and certainly not the most important) user group. Stopping a potentially dramatic cultural advancement of downtown Chippewa Falls to heed the “motoring public’s right and expectation to use the street” would be ill advised, and quite frankly, just sounds fearful of change. Drivers: get over it. Chippewa residents: speak out in support of this street closure. You: let us know what you think.

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Minnesota Governor Wants to Rub Salt in Your Eyes

Minnesota's Governor (a man named Tim Pawlenty), is very excited about the prospects of a Vikings-affiliated Brett Favre, as hinted at by these guys. "Salivating," in fact, according to WCCO.com. Check it out:

  • He says it would be "a wonderful little salt to rub in the eyes of some of our Green Bay Packer friends."
  • Pawlenty laid out the scene: "Can you imagine Brett Favre going into Lambeau Field in Viking purple and maybe even wearing No. 4? There would be audible gasps. There would be 60,000 audible gasps as he came out of the tunnel."

I’m not sure if Governor Pawlenty is aware, but information delivery systems such as the internet and television will probably have broken the hypothetical news to Packer fans well before the first Vikings/Packers game at Lambeau, thus lessening the surprise to an inaudible gasp level. Or lower.

The article even references the partnership between our states, which is hoped to save $10 million through resource and information sharing. Not sure how Favre factors into that figure.

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