Sunday, Dec. 14th, 2008

Should We Pay the City Council Bigger Bucks?

Checking over the Eau Claire City Council agenda, we noticed a proposal to raise the council’s annual salary by 1,000 smackeroos. They make $3,000 a year right now, so they’d go up $4,000 (the council president gets an extra $600). quotes councilman Brandon Buchanan:

  • "If you look at our council, we don't have a single person who has family members with children at home serving. All this increase does is simply allow people the ability to afford daycare so they can run and serve on council."

Seems to me that the proposed increase is fair, but as everyone and their big fat dog will point out, the timing is pretty bad. Hutchinson is laying off a ton of workers, the city is plowing snow less often (the horror), and things generally feel like the end of the world economy-wise.

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Friday, Dec. 12th, 2008

Saturday: Laarks + Wars of 1812 + The Small Cities

Quite a nice lineup at the Stones Throw on Saturday. According to local music blog Peer Validated, Small Cities “sound like David Bazan and Low blowing apart your hollow construct of reality.” Laarks is a band that features current and former members of Amateur Love, Land of Talk, Echo Bravo, The Soft Rocks, Laughing Bell, and Sic Transit Gloria. Wars of 1812 (pictured) will be filling for O' Israel. Wars’ latest album can be described as “one part Wilco, one part Spoon, and one part harsh Wisconsin weather all combined to produce a warm winter quilt of a record, with a cool tint of alt-country twang beneath its warm, drawn-out pop melodies.” The show is only 3 bucks and it starts at 10pm.

Also on Saturday: Winter Farmer's Market, Clothing Event Sale, Constellations, Myths, and Legends, Santa Claus in Chippewa Falls, Chippewa Valley Symphony: Christmas Pops!, Cook-Rutledge Mansion Christmas Tour, Crush/Predator Flag Football Event, Crazy Keys Dueling Pianos, Ballroom, Latin and Swing Dance, Chippewa Valley Symphony Holiday Concert, Danville and Friends, Final 2008 Waterfront Show: Fat Maw Rooney, Mors Mortis Machinatio, Tommy Bentz Band.

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Thursday, Dec. 11th, 2008

The Thrill of the Plow

If you’re looking for something to liven up your afternoon (because the cocaine and Jell-O shots have lost their luster), check out the game Snow Storm. Snow removal has never been so delightful! It’s also never been a time-wasting, web-based challenge where your keyboard’s arrow keys control a tiny snowplow that shoves digital snow around a fake parking lot – from the comfort of your heated house. Which is why it’s awesome.


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Poisoning Must Stop
(Dec. 8, 1905)

Poisoning Must Stop
Ninth-Ward People Highly Indignant Over This Malicious Work
– Eau Claire Weekly Telegram | Dec. 8, 1905

A Ninth Ward resident writes that George Meriman’s shepherd dog and Chas Benner’s valuable water spaniel and other dogs and cats in the Ninth Ward have been poisoned; that two persons are suspected of having “gone into the business of poisoning dogs and cats;” that “they can’t compete for the president’s prize who is a great advocate of children and domestic animals; and are too morally depraved to keep domestic animals or too stingy to pay a dog tax and are jealous of their neighbors who do.”

Chad's Take:
The article had potential

I really thought this article had some great potential. It started with the bizarre accusation that someone was poisoning dogs and cats in the Ninth Ward of Eau Claire. At this point I was all ears and ready to find out just who was behind these terrible acts, then the article went completely berserk. The writer lost me when they brought up plots of jealously over an animal tax and the competition for the president’s prize. By the end of the short article I had absolutely no idea what was causing the deaths of the animals.  If you did follow this story and want to do some community animal protection patrols of the Ninth Ward, it mostly includes the area surrounding Luther Hospital.

Keep an eye out ...

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Thursday: Local Singer to Sing with Arizona Senator on National Television

So there’s this band that’s supposed be singing on the Late Show with David Letterman tonight (12/11), and the singer’s apparently from Eau Claire. Not sure on the name. Maybe you’ve heard of the band: “Bon Iver?” The name is Italian or something. Before the band, this senator from Arizona named John McCain (whose name sounds really, really familiar) is going to be interviewed.

Oh, breaking news! Not only is Bon Iver’s singer from Eau Claire, but some other band members are also from the Chippewa Valley: Mike Noyce and Sean Carey. So that’s cool. You should check it out. Unless this "Senator McCain" character runs really long or Letterman tries to shove in even more whacky Conan-esque rip-off sketches, Bon Iver should be the musical guest.

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Tuesday, Dec. 9th, 2008

Local Jerk Receives Slap On Wrist

Caught this little gem over on Charles Vance of Eau Claire cheated an old lady out of $88,000 and now he has to go to a class:

  • Charles Vance was sentenced to five months in jail. In October, Vance was accused of accepting $88,000 to build a home for an elderly woman in Taylor Co. Prosecutors say Vance spent the money elsewhere and the woman ended up hiring someone else to complete the home. Along with jail time, Vance is ordered to do 50 hours of community service and attend a "Managing Your Money" course.

Judging by the mug shot, the lady was bamboozled by Jack Nicholson, circa 1992. Seriously, a "Managing Your Money" course? People who cheat old people out of money should be punished harder. (Photo from WQOW.)

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Monday, Dec. 8th, 2008
Sunday, Dec. 7th, 2008

“Some Area Kids Playing Without Hats and Mittens”

This headline made me snort coffee. I know it's not meant as shocking news, but when has this headline tucked between “Fatal Semi Accident Slows Traffic for Hours” and “Report Issued in Death of Child at Clinic,” it’s kind of hilarious:

“Some Area Kids Playing Without Hats and Mittens”

HOLY CRAP, WHAT?! Playing without mittens? Outrageous! Seriously, the story is partially about families not being able to afford proper winter clothes for kids. Not so funny. The article mentions some ways to help out.

However, WEAU also took the time to interview Memorial High School students who are scandalously ignoring their mother’s advice and not wearing a coat to school. One girl said her jacket is simply too “poufy” to be convenient. While some people over the age of 18 might complain about “stupid kids these days,” let’s just remember what an important role hypothermia plays in natural selection.

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Friday, Dec. 5th, 2008

This Weekend: Buy Earplugs

It’s gonna be a hard rocking weekend, folks. First up? Maudlin: guitars clang with power pop edge and sass when St. Paul's Maudlin take to the Stones Throw stage tonight. Singer Priscilla Priebe's quaint croons recall Kim Deal-fronted Pixies. Seriously, you'd go somewhere else when there's a band with a song called "Dancecaster" playing tonight? The show’s at 10pm, $5.

Then, on Saturday, how’s about one quarter of Husker Dü plus Jaggernauts plus Drunk Drivers? Grant Hart was the singer/songwriter/drummer in the influential 80's punk band Husker Du. Since then, Grant has toured extensively as a solo artist. Get on down to the House of Rock for that action. 10pm, $5.

Also on Saturday: QuinnElizabeth, Festival of Trees, Santa Claus in Downtown Eau Claire, The Mabel Tainter Fine Arts and Crafts Faire, Christmastime in the City, Santa Claus in Chippewa Falls, A Little House Christmas, Tree Lighting, All-Ages Show, Eggplant Heroes, Cadillac Kolstad, Northwinds Brass Band, Downers Grove, and Catchpenny.

On Sunday: Brunch with Santa, Cook-Rutledge Mansion Christmas Open House, Holiday Band Concert, and Pat McCurdy.

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