1st Place: Stucky Chiropractic
2nd Place: Wolter Chiropractic
3rd Place: Fall Creek Chiropractic

Your choices for the best chiropractors in the Chippewa Valley all have something in common (other than the fact that they’re chiropractors): their mission is to provide the very best care possible. Well, they’ve apparently succeeded. Stucky Chiropractic (2105 E Clairemont Ave and 3032 Commercial Blvd, Lake Hallie) houses seven chiropractors, the leader of which is Dr. Stucky, whose family includes 16 other chiropractors. In short, they know their stuff. Wolter Chiropractic (824 S Hastings Way) isn’t exactly a slouch, either, as he landed your second-place vote. As for the six friendly chiropractors at Fall Creek Chiropractic (237 W Lincoln Ave), well, you’ve got their back, too. – Trevor Kupfer

Up-and-Comer: Schleppenbach Family Chiropractic, 302 N. Barstow St.

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