1st Place: International Fall Festival
2nd Place: Chalkfest
3rd Place: Taste of Eau Claire

Webster’s Dictionary defines a festival as an event that allows participants to get outside, look at some crafts, and eat a whole bunch of stuff that they normally wouldn’t. We think. The dictionary is way over on the other side of the room… Nevertheless, western Wisconsin can throw some kick-ass festivals. International Fall Festival takes place in downtown Eau Claire in autumn, surprisingly, and features food, crafts, and entertainment with a slant towards the cultures of the world, especially those that have gone into the stew that is the Chippewa Valley. Second place Chalkfest is a brand new extravaganza that invites artists to compete kung-fu style with chalk, a sidewalk square, and all sorts of wacky fun and games. Taste of Eau Claire is both a festival and a challenge to all of the area’s gastro-intestinally gifted residents – come to Phoenix Park and imbibe morsels from dozens of local restaurants. Local festivals – a great excuse to eat cheese curds outdoors. – Eric Rasmussen

Chippewa Choice: Oktoberfest
Menomonie Pick: WinterDaze

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