1st Place: The Joynt
2nd Place: Wigwam Tavern
3rd Place: Haymarket Grill

The Chippewa Valley has its share of bars, pubs, taverns, clubs, and hootenanny establishments. And granted, you can get the same beer or cocktail at any bar across the Valley (most of the time), but sometimes they just taste different when you are parked on your favorite stool. Right? Yeah, thought so. The Joynt (322 Water St) is topping the list this year for good reason – it’s a great bar. The people (employees and patrons alike) are very friendly, there is great music available in the box, it has an interesting history, and unbelievable prices. At second base is the Wigwam (314 Madison St) with its famous fish fry, karaoke, Beerfest, volleyball, poker, and Wamfest. Any bar that hosts two fests is already a great bar for drinkin’ (high five). Chugging along in the caboose is the Haymarket Grill (101 Graham Ave), where food sits in shotgun but the high end drinks keep the clientele coming back for more. Try and resist ordering the Salty Dog or Stinger. – Mark Koenig

Chippewa Choice: Dewey’s Roadhouse, 1 East Canal St.

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