Best of the Chippewa Valley



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1st Place: Wigwam Tavern
2nd Place: Mike’s Smokehouse
3rd Place: Albertville Tavern (tied)
3rd Place: Girolamo’s Court’N House (tied)

Fish fillets, scorching hot fry oil, and Friday nights – the magical trio of ingredients needed for good time in Wisconsin. But since every single gol-darn eatery in the area has access to these items, it’s hard to pick your favorite fish fry spot. But pick you did, and your votes hoisted Wigwam Tavern (314 E. Madison St.) to the top of the flaky fish heap, with their classic barroom atmosphere right in downtown Eau Claire. The Wigwam upset local fish fry juggernaut Mike’s Smokehouse (2235 N Clairemont Ave.) – last year’s winner. Tied for third were the always-plentiful Albertville Tavern (8114 35th St., Colfax) and the fry-i-licious Court’N House (113 W. Grand Ave.). – Mike Paulus

Augusta Pick: The Back Bear Supper Club, 2001 Hwy 27

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