Meet Mighty Prehistoric Beasts at Dinosaur Days

Katie Venit

Have you ever met a cat named Esther? Yes? Well, what about a massive and ancient saber-toothed cat named Esther? History lovers have a chance to do just that when Colossal Fossils hits the road during Dinosaur Days, a traveling show designed to be hands-on so visitors can get up close to fossils that would normally be kept out of reach in museums.

Visitors can get to know a Tyrannosaurus Rex, touch a 500-million-year-old jellyfish fossil from central Wisconsin, and take part in a trivia challenge. The display will include 100 to 200 fossils, ranging from items that can fit in the palm of your hand to a massive woolly mammoth skull. The exhibit will feature dinosaurs, Ice Age mammals, and Wisconsin history.

Colossal Fossils Inc., a nonprofit organization in Wausau that was founded to provide interactive natural history programs to schools and communities, is bringing this show to Chippewa Falls to help raise money for the Chippewa Falls Museum of Industry & Technology. “When you come, you are going to get a hands-on tour that highlights many of the large items that we will be bringing to Chippewa Falls,” said David Daniels, executive director of Colossal Fossils. “You will never find another dinosaur museum that lets you touch so many of the fossils and fossil replicas.” –Katie Venit

Dinosaur Days will run 9am-6pm Friday, May 11, and 10am-4pm Saturday, May 12, at the Avalon Conference Center 1009 W. Park Ave., Chippewa Falls. Children 3 and under are free; everyone else is $10 per person.

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