4 Tips to Get Ready During National Preparedness Month

Kelli Engen

September is National Preparedness Month. Every year the Federal Emergency Management Agency reminds everyone how they can prepare for an emergency. This year NPM’s theme is “Disasters Don’t Plan Ahead: You Can.” This catchy phrase reminds us to plan before an emergency hits. We can do simple things like having warm clothes and water in our cars during the snowy winter months.

Emergency preparedness is about planning, preparing, responding to the emergency, and recovery from the emergency.

For more information about how Eau Claire County is preparing for emergencies, check out Eau Claire County Management on Facebook and follow @EauClaireCoEM. County Emergency Management Coordinator Tyler Esh will be using the hashtags #prepareauclaire and #NPM during the month of September to give tips on how we can prepare.

Here are four top tips on how individuals, families, and communities can prepare for an emergency:

1. Make a plan for yourself, family, and friends.

Plan for loved ones to find shelter during bad weather.
Make a safe route to exit the home during a fire.

2. Plan to help your neighbor and community.

Check on your neighbors if you haven’t seen them.
Identify a safe place for shelter in your neighborhood.

3. Practice your emergency plans.

Practice going in the basement of your home or a neighborhood building.

4. Get involved! Be a part of something bigger.

Volunteer with the Eau Claire County Medical Reserve Corps (ECC-MRC). The ECC-MRC is a group of non-medical and medical volunteers that have special training to help respond during an incident. To learn more, visit eauclairewi.gov and search for “MRC” or email kelli.engen@co.eau-claire.wi.us.

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