How to Pick a Good Helmet for Safer Two-Wheeled Adventures

V1 Staff

Picking out a bicycle helmet for your child can be confusing. Sizing and fit are important, so how do you know you’re making the right choice? To make your choice easier, make sure you visit one of the Chippewa Valley’s locally owned, independent bicycle shops. There you’ll find people who are knowledgeable and who care about their customers’ safety.

Children’s bike helmets start at about $35 and come in a variety of fun colors and themes. And since you’re buying from a local bike shop, you can be certain the helmet you buy meets current safety standards. Helmets should fit snugly enough that they stay put on your little one’s head, even if the buckle isn’t clipped. Ask your little rider to put on the helmet and shake his or her head with the chin strap unbuckled. They’ll have fun doing it, and you can make sure the helmet stays put.

If you’re not sure about sizing or fit, your salesperson will be glad to help you choose the right size and make sure straps and buckles are adjusted properly. You won’t get this piece of mind at a department store, and you’ll learn how to adjust the helmet’s straps for future reference.

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