5 Things Parents Should Know About Paying for Braces

Michelle Larson

Considering that orthodontic treatment is meant to improve your smile, paying for braces shouldn’t put a frown on your face. It’s true that orthodontic treatment for your child can be expensive, but savvy parents don’t need to fret if they follow these steps to ensure that orthodontic care is affordable.

1. Make Payment Plan

Following a payment plan is a good way to alleviate the sticker shock of any large purchase, and orthodontic treatment is no exception. Kristo Orthodontics will customize a financing plan that fits into your family’s budget. Plans are created with easy, interest-free monthly payments and typically are structured so they are paid off within the treatment time.

2. Shop Around

Are you a comparison shopper? If you get a cost estimate from another orthodontic practice, Kristo Orthodontics will match that competitor’s price, ensuring the best value for you. Dr. Steve Kristo and his team can make this promise confidently because their business is such a well-established part of the community. In fact, it was Steve Kristo’s father, Dr. Andrew Kristo, who founded Kristo Orthodontics in Eau Claire way back in 1959. And earlier this year, Kristo Orthodontics was named Small Business of the Year by the Eau Claire Area Chamber of Commerce.

3. Consider Your Options

Ultimately, choosing the right kind of orthodontic treatment is up to patients and their parents. Your doctor may give you options in terms of expansions, extractions, and other treatment methods. One of the biggest decisions you’ll have to make is choosing between metal braces and clear plastic Invisalign aligners. Many people, especially teens and adults, are turning to Invisalign, which offers invisible and removable aligners that can improve your smile. In fact, Kristo Orthodontics ranks among the top 1 percent of Invisalign providers!

4. Insurance Can Help

If you have dental insurance, it will often help pay for your child’s orthodontic treatments. (In some cases, it may also cover the cost of orthodontics for adults.) At Kristo Orthodontics, we accept most insurance plans. Our staff will gladly help you with insurance claims and paperwork and will answer any questions you have about the process.

5. Flexibility is Key

We all know that unexpected expenses – from car breakdowns to out-of-order appliances – sometimes arise and knock our family budgets off track. If you’re facing unanticipated financial challenges that might impact your ability to make an orthodontic payment, talk to us and we’ll work with you to adjust your plan. At Kristo Orthodontics it our goal that every person has the smile they want no matter what their financial situation.

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